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Life as a Hypno Fur Queen (chapter 1)

Note:  This story was provided to this blog by the author. Many thanks to Hypnofur!

Life as a Hypno Fur Queen (chapter 1)
By Hypnofur

This all started when my Father in law passed away. Well, I guess it started when Nick and I were each in our teens, that’s where the deepest origins come from. However, as far as what brought my husband and a man we don’t know both on their knees in front of me in a hotel room in Providence Rhode Island, both deeply in a hypnotic trance, well, I guess that part of story kicked off when my Father in Law died.

I was always pretty in high school. I’m not tall enough to be a model or anything, but I got plenty of attention from boys. Enough so that I could kind of pick and choose my dates. I picked Nick in college. He was handsome, but also very smart. Selfishly, I’ll admit I thought he was going to be a good provider. I’m not the hardest worker in the world, but I have expensive tastes.

I was right about Nick. He was a good provider. However, he was frugal. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great life. Two great kids, a really nice mini van, a beautiful colonial on a cul de sac in a great town. We have a really nice life. However, I loved designer clothes. I wanted to be whisked away to Europe on a trip. I wanted a summer home and a place for skiing. I would have probably gone into debt for these things, but Nick, my rock, was very frugal. He always wanted to “save for a rainy day”. I knew he was right, so I didn’t push. 

So anyway, a couple of months ago, my Father in Law passed away. Nick’s mom had passed away a few years earlier. It was all very sad, and Nick went into a bit of a funk. Our sex life, which was fairly vanilla and slow in its best days, also dwindled. We are both in the 40 neighborhood, so I guess that isn’t completely odd, but it is disappointing.  Nick was in mourning though, so I didn’t dare bring it up.

There were three specific events here that started the chain reaction of transforming all of this. The first was when we met with the executor of the will. We learned of the inheritance that Nick was receiving. It was really substantial. Especially once we sold his father’s house, which was worth well over a million at this point, as the area it was in had skyrocketed in value over the last few years.

That led to the second event of the chain reaction. Me quitting my part time job. Now, the quitting of the job just set up the logistics of the third event, but the job itself plays a big part in this story. See, about a year prior, Nick and I had a big argument about spending. I had been a stay at home mom since the kids were born. Now that they were both in middle and high school though, I had a lot of free time. Free time that I used for shopping.  I may have gone a bit overboard. At the end of the argument, it was decided I would get a part time job.

I found a job as a receptionist/office helper for a hypnotherapist. I’ll admit, I the ad jumped out at me. I’d always been fascinated by hypnosis. When I was in high school, a hypnotist came to our after prom party. The way the big tough football player all obeyed the orders that embarrassed and humiliated them really turned me on. I’m not a man, so it is not like I fixated on that or anything, but I always found it sexy. That was why I applied to work at the hypnotherapy office.

The practioner was a woman named Martha, sometimes she’d have me sit on the sessions as a witness or to record. I always got a little turned on by it. Not that Martha was sexy at all, but I guess I was just into the whole thing. I often imagined myself doing what she did. It gave me some tingles lets say.

The third event of the chain reaction came when I opened a box I found as I was cleaning out my Father in Law’s attic. I had quit Martha’s practice so I could spend my time taking charge of getting the house ready to be sold. This included, getting all the old stuff out of it, which is how I found myself up in the attic.

What I found in that box was a delicious surprise. It was one of Nick’s old binders from high school. At least, that is what it looked like. Instead, there were tons of pictures from magazines and catalogs he had collected of women wearing fur coats. There were even some stories that looked like they were printed from an old AOL account. I had stumbled on to my husband’s secret fetish!

I sat there, with a variety of feelings running through my head. First of all, I was hurt. Why wouldn’t he share this with me? But I was also turned on. There was something sexy about the thought of Nick getting all worked up and out of control…

Plus, it perhaps presented an opportunity to get our sex life back on track. Our marriage needed that. God, looking back on it, it all started so innocently. Trying to get our marriage back to normal. That was really my goal when, about two weeks after that, I had gone onto Ebay looking for a fur. That weekend, I found a great little sable jacket that I could actually see myself wearing out. I arranged for sleepovers for both kids, and I told Nick I was hoping he’d take me out.

When he arrived home, I was standing there, in front of the fire place, my hair and make up done perfectly, in the sable. Underneath, I had on a black velvet pants suit that I got for his company Christmas Party last year. That party outfit had driven him batty, he was all over me that night, and I never understood why. Now I realize he had a thing for soft textures like that. Jeez, again, I wish I knew this years ago!

I was in the center of the living room when he arrived, just standing there, looking at him seductively, stroking the soft sable of my jacket, lightly caressing my face with the collar. I could see his jaw just drop.

“Are you ready to go darling?” I asked as he walked into the living room. I could see his pupils dilate. A bead of sweat even formed on his head, despite the fact that I had it rather cool in the room. I was loving it. Every wife of 16 years should be so lucky.

“Take a seat” I said, surprisingly forcefully. I was loving the sexual power I had over him. In a daze, he stumbled onto our white couch. I climbed into his lap.

“Do you like my new coat?” I asked as I undid his shirt and tie, revealing his naked chest.

“Cindy, I-“ he stumbled.

“Shhhhh Nick. Just relax. I know all about your little secret.”

He said nothing. There was a pause as I con­tem­plat­ed for a few mo­ments what I want­ed to do next. I was pret­ty sure I knew though. Nick was just staring at the soft sable fur. I smiled and moved my face near his, feel­ing that he was putty in my hands. I moved in for a kiss. When our lips touched I felt his lips yield­ing to mine, wait­ing for me to lead. My tongue searched for his and he seemed to al­most melt into me. When the kiss fi­nal­ly stopped I began to whis­per in his ear. I told him to rub his hands all over me, to feel me. As I sat on his lap, I could feel him get rock hard.

“Yess, Nick, just keep touchng me, feeling me. We are alone, and I am your wife. It’s all perfectly right, perfectly natural. You can give in. You are safe with me. Give in to your fantasy Nick, give into your desires. I don’t want you to do anything except continuing to feel me, to feel the soft sable and the soft velvet, and of course my body beneath.” I said as I felt my pussy getting so wet. He was breathing hard, so turned on. I loved it.

“Nick,let me guide you now. Feel yourself safe with me, trusting me, trusting your wife. I want you to surrender to the arousal, surrender to the fur and to my voice. Feel yourself slipping into a sexual trance Nick. I am guiding your into a sexual trance. Just relax. Relax and give in. So warm, so comfortable, so happy….”

I continued to whisper soft, re­lax­ing words in his ear I felt him start to slump into me a bit. As I con­tin­ued to speak in low, sweet tones, using words and concepts I had learned from watching Martha, I knew he’d be­come just a pud­dle. Especially as I continued to caress him with the fur. The few words he tried to utter were in­co­her­ent.

My husband was actually slipping into a hypnotic trance.

Knowing I had him succumbing, I breathed a bit of warm breath into his ear and watched him shiv­er, mak­ing no moves to stop me. Right then and there I de­cid­ed to just make him mine for the evening. I began to whis­per in his ear, soft­ly and sen­su­al­ly. Count­ing down from 10 to 1, watch­ing him slip into trance, I couldn’t believe this was really working. It must have just been an all out attack on Nick’s senses. His mind was overwhelmed and he became susceptible.

“Follow me to the bedroom Nick” I commanded sweetly as I dismounted from his lap. He walked behind me. When we got to our room,  I sat him down on our bed and smiled. He was so docile, and so focused on me. The power I had over him was intoxicating.

I slowly caressed him with the fur, and deepened his trance. Eventually, I could just sort of feel that he was deeply, deeply hypnotized. I was discovering I had quite a knack for this.

“Nick, you are deeply hypnotized, do you understand?” I asked him

“Yes Cindy” he said quietly

“Good, you love me wearing fur for you, don’t you Nick?” I said, loving the buzz

“yes Cindy”

“Good. Nick, touch me, feel me in the furs, let your hands explore my body as my words penetrate your mind.”

“Yes, I am your queen in furs, aren’t I?” I moaned. His hands exploring my body, albeit over my fur and velvet, was really turning me on.

“Yes Cindy” he breathed. I could see and feel that he was getting turned on as well.

“Nick, when I wear furs, you will address me as Cynthia, not Cindy, do you understand?”

“Yes Cynthia” he said

“mmm, and you’ll do anything for Cynthia, your fur queen” I said aggressively


“Say it Nick. Say it and feel it imprint in your subconscious mind as your new truth”

“I’ll do anything for Cynthia, my fur queen” he said

“Take off your pants!” I almost shouted. He obeyed immediately as his rock hard cock shoot up in the air after being freed from his under pants. I discarded my own pants and panties, and got on the bed. “FUCK ME HARD – NOW!” I demanded. God, I had never been in a frenzy like this in my life.
He obeyed immediately, bucking with more force than he ever had before. “Do – ahhh - not cum until- ughhh - your fur queen – ahhh  ahhh - permits it oooooohhhhhhh ahhhhhhahahhhhh yes! Yes! Yes! YES!” I shouted out as he hammered me. I had never come like that before, and I loved it. I actually finished my orgasm, and forgot to tell him he could release.

Since then, I fully embraced this. The next time we had some time when the kids weren’t home, I got myself dolled up, then slipped the fur on. He was in his office, watching his beloved Patriots. It was a Thursday Night game. I looked in the room, and saw that the game was in over time. I knew enough about football to know that this was a huge game, and had big implications for home field advantage. Nick was glued to the TV, so into the game. Perfect timing to test my power.

I walked in front of the television in my sable jacket, with only a satin teddy underneat. “Nick, turn off the television now.” I said firmly. I was very interested to see if he would hesitate. I knew how much he had been looking forward to this game. Much to my satisfaction, he obeyed without any hesitation at all.

I felt a rush of power. Here he was, in his office, king of his castle so to speak. But now he would kneel before his fur queen. In fact, that was a good idea. I made him kneel. My pussy tingled as he fell before me. I laughed victoriously. I was loving this. I loved the power, the control.

What could I make him do? Suddenly, I had an idea, a wicked idea. “Nick, sit back down at your desk chair” I instructed. I then went behind him and started massaging his temples and caressing his face with the soft sable fur. I brought him down into an even deeper trance than I had before.

When I was quite sure he was well under, I was so turned on. Our bedroom was connected to his office, it would have been so easy to have him go on our bed and just ride him, but I had other plans first.

“Nick, do you remember when I asked if we could someday turn this office into a large, walk in closet for me?” I asked him

“Yes Cynthia” he answered.

“You thought I was kidding, didn’t you?”

“Yes Cynthia”

“Well, I wasn’t Nick. I want this to be my walk in closet. It is going to house all of my beautiful clothes, and my growing collection of furs. You’ll do this for me, won’t you Nick?”

He paused for a moment. He was resisting. I had to turn up the heat. “I am your fur queen Nick. You will do this for me as I command” I said, knowing the attachment he had for his office would really stretch the limits of my hypnotic influence over him.

To seal the deal, I caressed his face one more time with the fur. I’ll admit, I held my breath for a moment, this was a major stepping stone down the path we were now forging.

“Yes Cynthia” he finally said.

I was so excited. I couldn’t take it anymore. This time I did take him over to the bed and I rode him to an unbelievable orgasm. I did let him cum at the end this time, but only when I was done. I loved my new power.

The next day was a Friday, and Nick was at work. At home, I was really wondering if he would actually take the steps to have his office done over as a walk in closet for me. I didn’t hear anything from him all morning. Finally, around 11, I texted him.

Me: Have you contacted a contractor to do over the office yet?

Nick: Cindy, we have to talk about that

Shit! Shit! Shit! He was resisting. No! I couldn’t have this. I had gotten so far! It was one thing when I was with him, and I could use my hypnotic techniques and the furs to overcome any hint of resistance. However, with him at work, without a rock hard cock affecting his thinking, he was fighting back. I knew he didn’t want to convert the office, but this was a battle I had to win. I was loving having this power, and I wanted it to be real, I wanted to control him, not just on sexy things he wanted to do anyway, but real control. I had to find a way to regain that.

It didn’t’ take a master strategist to figure that his cock was the key. I had to reactivate that advantage so to speak. I knew what to do. I got my make up on, and I put on the sable. I took a selfie. It wasn’t the first selfie I had taken. I’m not of the selfie generation, but most times when I thought I looked good, I would take one and post it to facebook. I liked the idea of people I knew from high school or college looking me up and being impressed with how good I still looked.
I took about five pictures, and finally found one that I liked. Time was of the essence, I sent it to Nick’s phone.

Me: Do you see what I am wearing Nick?

Nick: Yes Cynthia

Me: ur cock is getting hard, isn’t it Nick?

Nick: Yes Cynthia

Me: Who is ur Fur Queen Nick?

Nick: You are Cynthia

I knew I had him as soon as he referred to me as Cynthia in the text. My pussy immediately got wet. The control was so sexy. I fucking loved it. Ironically, I could feel myself losing control a little bit.
Me: Nick, I want the contractor to start Monday. I want a closet for my furs Nick. Can u imagine me in all of those furs? Pay expediting fees if you have to Nick, I want this project to start right away, do u understand?

Nick: Yes Cynthia

With that I put the phone down and actually masturbated. I took out my vibrator and just enjoyed myself. It was all so sexy, so powerful, so fun. God, I was like a teen boy or something. What had gotten into me?

That weekend, I took on the Cynthia persona anytime the kids were not around. Both Nick and I were so worked up all day. The kids were older now, so it wasn’t’ like they went to bed at 10:00. After dinner, I commanded Nick to go to Home Depot and buy a door lock for our bedroom door. He did so and installed it. That night, we told the boys we were going to bed at 8:00, and to turn out all of the house lights when they went to bed. We then went into the office/future walk in closet (which is attached to the bedroom) and fucked like crazy. Then I hypnotized him deeper, using some pretty intense fractionalization stuff I found online. Then we fucked again, then I hypnotized him again, then we fucked. It was a cycle, a gloriously addictive cycle.

Just as I had commanded, construction crews started on Monday. Having construction crews in your house is not easy, so I was glad it was only going to take a week. I had to get up really early each morning to make sure that I was showered and ready before the crews came. Most of the time they were there, I was out and about, mostly shopping. I would be back in the house sometimes though, and I could sense the workers checking me out. Normally, I would have been creeped out by this, but in my new, hyper sexualized state, I found it sexy.

One of the days, I drove up to a fur dealer in New Hamphsire that I found online. I ended up buying like ten furs. It cost almost $10k, but I didn’t care. We had plenty of money now, and I was diving head first into this phase of our life. Buying them made me feel sexy too. I then stopped at a book store to pick up some more hypnosis related reading material. With all of this, I was feeling rather aroused as I drove the hour plus home. I knew I looked good. I had on a little black leather jacket that now had a thick fox fur collar attached. I also happened to be wearing my best jeans. I figured I would pop my head in and see how things were going.

The men were a bit nervous when I entered the room. I could feel their eyes on me. I must have looked so upper class and untouchable to the blue collar workers. That made me even hornier. We made small talk for a moment as I complemented them on how quickly they were working. Only one of the guys even really had the courage to speak up. The others were so immature, shooting glances and little giggles between each other like my junior high son and his friends do.

“What’s that book about?” he asked, referring to the hypnosis book I was holding, the one that clearly read “Hypnosis” on the cover.

“I’m a hypnotist” I heard myself answer. Wow.

“Does that shit work? Oops, sorry ma’am. Does that stuff work?” he asked.

I laughed a sexy laugh (yes, I know how to do a sexy laugh). “It absolutely does. I have never hypnotized someone that I couldn’t control completely. I’ve never put someone under who wasn’t soon ready to do or think anything I command” I said, looking deep into his eyes. It was a true statement. Albeit, a much smaller (one) sample size than they were probably envisioning.

I couldn’t believe I heard myself talking like this.

What was really interesting though, was their reaction to the comment. I could see that they believed me. They almost looked… nervous. The giggling and silliness stopped. It was like they were wondering if I was going to hypnotize them right there and then.

I fucking loved it.

“Boys, when you are done, I want the last one of you to turn on the bath for me.” I said confidently as I walked out of the room. They were just stunned. I went into the living room and flipped through a magazine after that. I was so turned on, it was hard to not play with myself right there and then. 

About an hour later, I hear the bath go on. The designated speaker of the crew poked his head in a moment later. “Ma’am, the bath is on” he said.

I thanked him, but acted so cool, so… above him. I of course snuck to the window and watched them pull out of the driveway, then locked the doors. I wasn’t really going to hop into the bath with a bunch of horny construction workers around. However, when I sank into that bathtub, I did fantasize that they hadn’t left. Instead I fantasized that I hypnotized every one of them, and they were now down on their knees, naked in front of me. Jerking themselves off as they looked at me like I was a goddess. And with that, I got myself off. Oh my god, what was happening with me?

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My Inches 7

My Inches 7


Steven Dryer

Hi, it's me Phil. You remember, the high-school boy with the sweet, innocent face, the small, thin body, and the big, BIG, cock - my big and powerful cock that took down high and mighty Mike Wilson on a glorious Friday evening at his home. I wanted for years to make him mine and as soon as I heard he would be home alone for a whole weekend I saw my chance of breaking him in completely open up -- getting another high and mighty guy to service me was too good opportunity to let it pass by just like that. I wanted so bad to take his ass and fill him up with my fresh teenage cum. I decided to take a chance and try to see if I could get to own Mike Wilson. It took me five hours to take him down in every sense of the word. When that had happened he became my personal bitch. It is my biggest personal victory of my life in my opinion.

When I arrived at Lane Road 24 he was arrogant and egocentric as he always had been for the nine years I had known him. He talked on and on full of his ego. I got enough of it and took him my way. In an hour he was down on his knees and took the biggest cock of his life. Three hours later that cock penetrated his stiff arrogant ass big time -- he screamed and cried on the moment of being fucked by me -- four years his junior and his brother's best friend. Talking about one piece of humiliation for a guy with that ego. Well his ego had completely gone when he licked my ass late Friday evening. He was mine that minute and after a good fucking he was broken in completely. By the end of the day he had been fucked three times and in the end in his own room. He ended the day by sucking me off in his own bed. What a glorious victory.

I woke up in the early hours of the Saturday morning in Mike Wilson's master bed. It was glorious sleeping finally in his bed. I saw that Mike's big clock on the wall was 07:35. I was in a good mood as I felt that Mike Wilson had woken up before me and was taking things very sensibly. He was down on my cock sucking it very eagerly -- and good I might add. I was at full mast on this morning and my cock was in all it's glory, like all mornings. Wilson just stared at what was in front of him. He was becoming the perfect cocksucker. He was completely in love with my dick, just like the others I had taken on and made my sex slaves. He was no longer in control and had taken his fate. He was no longer the person he was. Around me he was an underdog and a sex slave. All that mattered to me now was that he understood that to me he was just a piece of ass and throat for me. He had fallen and I owned him. It was as simple as that. He knew what his place was in our relationship now.

I just felt victorious waking up with Mike Wilson blowing me. For nine years Mike had been the big guy in the neighbourhood in my mind. He just took everyone and everything for granted and bossed everyone around. In twelve hours I had ended that for him. Now he was my underdog. I felt that my inches had done it for him. It opened the weak spot for him to go down. After that he lost the control over me he always had. He would no longer control me. From now on I would be the boss of his life and he would have to service we well from now on and very regularly I might add. I was deciding how often a week I wanted to fuck him in his basement. On this morning I was up for every day. I wanted to fuck his lights out as often as I could. I would make the rest of his life in this neighbourhood a life being my sex slave. He was the underdog in my life.

After a minute saying nothing I decided to start the day with taking him on: "Good morning Wilson. Thanks for last night. That was great beginning of our new relationship. You're doing great in your role by the way. It sure is good having you servicing me Twerp. Good blowjob. I knew you wanted it. It's so big that no one can stand watching without falling down and taking it down his throat. From now on you will take this as often as I want. Maybe I will want you at school, maybe I will want you in the locker room, maybe I will want you blowing me upstairs with Joe near and maybe I will like this at my home in my bedroom. It sure will be great having Mike Wilson in my house under me getting fucked. We have all the possibilities ahead for us. The main thing for us is that you will respect the inches and know where your place is from now on."

Wilson just listened to me talking. He didn't even answer but blushed. He had come to terms with his life as my property. He knew that I had him. A guy with his knowledge of the whole package of a conquest knew it very well. He himself was in this position now and it was no turning back. I had the powers to send pics of him sucking me off and he had taken a load down his throat and up his ass. He knew that I controlled him completely. He knew also that when cum enters another person he will be marked by that. Well I had marked Mike Wilson and he was mine. I would be inside Mike Wilson for a long time to come. I had fucked him and throated so even Mike knew in his lust over my cock that it was no point of return. He was taken and had taken that fact and was now just in lust over the biggest cock of his life and just took things in that direction. I was glad with things.

"You're getting the hang of it Mike. I think you are getting better by the minute on taking my cock. I sure like how you are dealing with your new life as my sucky boy. I wish I had done this sooner. I could have taken you before your twentieth birthday. I sure wanted to fuck you on your birthday. I thought about it all the day to maybe get on you at the end of the party -- sneaking in when the party was late and get you drunk and try to get you down here and lock you up. I didn't dare to do it. Well, I wasn't invited to that party of course and I heard the news from Joe. He told me to come but I didn't. But now you are my property Mike. It sure is nice getting you to blow me. This is great start of the day. We will have fun today." Mike just stared at the biggest dick he had ever seen as he heard me talking -- he licked the crown of my cock just in lust. The look of his face said it all -- he was my sucky boy and took the cock gladly.

It was fucking rad seeing Mike Wilson taking on his role as my property. I hadn't come to terms with it yet. He was becoming very good on the mission of sucking my inches. He craved for them and obviously was now under it's spell. It made me so glad. It was exactly where I wanted him now. I wanted him to worship my inches -- and I wanted him to respect me. I was his owner now and would make him realize that from now on. I decided I wanted to throat him now. In the early hours of Saturday morning -- twelve hours after I started my mission to make him mine I wanted to have another session in his throat. I wanted him to realize once and for all who was the one that ruled at his basement right now. I got up. He just licked his lips after I took my cock out and stared at my cock. I got up on his chest and flipped my dick to his mouth with him just staring. I said to his face with determination: "Tell me who rules now? I want you to tell me who is your master and who is the king in the neighbourhood." Terrified Mike Wilson got his senses and responded with me towering him and my dick by his mouth: "You're the master. I am yours. Phil you're the king now."

I smiled. Then I said: "Lick my balls Twerp -- I want you to lick them very well NOW!!". He did what he was told and got busy licking my balls. He was making me feel so wonderful. Watching Wilson licking my balls made me so horny. I felt as good as I could be. That was fucking rad having this former egocentric asshole licking my big balls and I wanted to take him on to all the fucking in the world and all the positions I could think of. I knew that
this Saturday would be one hell of a fucking session in this house and I wanted to tame Mike so well that he would get to know sex in all the positions. That would be what he would do for me from now on. But now on to throating this asshole so badly that he will get down and do everything I want him to do today. I know he is mine 100% but I want him to know how things are and will be from now on. Totally happy with myself, and proud that I was able to control Mike Wilson with such an ease I made  my move. I felt Mike's tongue working the balls....and knew that soon I'd be getting blown by the super hunk.

I pulled my balls away from Mike's mouth and smiled into his sad looking eyes -- once the eyes of control but now an eyes of sexual lust for my inches. I wanted to take this asshole on and on and wanted to have him in all positions today. I was in for a happy day, that was for sure. I said to Wilson: "You ready for breakfast now queer boy? I sure hope you're starving....cause you know what a good size meal I'll be feeding you! You know what the best part is? We have all the weekend for us now so we have all the time in the world to let you feel getting fucked in all the positions possible. NOW beg me Wilson... to let you fuckin' BLOW MY COCK." Mike just stared at my inches in lust and said with his submissive voice the words I wanted to hear: "Please Phil, please let me blow you?" But I was not going to feed Mike Wilson until I had taken him on more road to humiliation: "So you're saying Mike that all the cum I fed you yesterday was not enough for you -- you want lots of more, is that what you're sayin' you little Twerp? You are a growing boy and I guess you need all the protein you can get? .....huh?" I smiled into my underdog right here that was lost on this moment of pre-sucking my inches.

I could not be happier, and I was really determined to show Mike Wilson now once and for all...that he should finally get to know where his place was now in our relationship. I put my large cock into the mouth of former high and mighty Mike Wilson, that was now just like any other fuck toy in the world. There was nothing tough about this guy now I thought as I went down his throat with my cock. He almost immediately began gagging and choking on my thick cock....which brought a wicked evil grin to my face. The awesome feeling that I was receiving at this glorious moment early Saturday in Mike Wilson's bed with the front of my bare legs slamming against the bed.... and my young muscled thighs pressed tightly on each side of Mike's face, while my dick held his head prisoner, was such a humongous turn on for me at this stage of the day. I leaned over and brutally fucked Mike Wilson's mouth! I was so much getting out of mashing Mike's head into the soft bed with my thick cock. I just went on and on into Mike's face -- thrusting my young power tool in and out of poor Mike's throat.

The huge smile on my face just about told it all... the rush going through my body this moment was just too FUCKING AWESOME... to say the least! Mike just took it but his face was full of fear. Mike Wilson's former tough face was now filled with all the fear in the world. My cock has his head prisoned and I face fucked this former arrogant hot shot's face on and off. He was fucked with all the power I could have at this moment. He felt pain in all the kind the word can describe. Praying that I would probably just cum and get this over with as quickly as possible, Mike placed his hands on my butt cheeks hoping probably that this drove the power out of me so he could get on with his life. He could feel my teenage butt muscles, contracting and expanding rapidly. I was certainly on fire and Mike Wilson was not going anywhere. He would be taken very GOOOOD this morning. I thought that now was the time to fill this Twerp's mouth with my young teenage cum. I wanted him to have lots of cum to take down his throat and to his stomach. He would feel my juices deep inside him from now on.

I let it come into Mike's mouth and watched his face while this went on. His face was as red as it could be and the former arrogant asshole was gagging like he never had trying to take the cum down. He could do nothing this minute but just taking the cum. There was no power left in this body -- his control was nowhere at this moment. He just was terrified but took me. I heard excellent noises of him slurping on my cum, he was gagging and had no kind of control. In his mouth came countless large volleys of warm sweet cum.... hitting his mouth before sliding down his sore throat... non stop. I am sure that going inside Mike Wilson's brain on this moment of me taking his throat and filling him up with my cum was the thought of how much jizz I could really produce. I took on this moment watching the lifeless and terrored face of the former arrogant shithead: "How's my cum tasting this morning Mikey boy? You're fuckin lovin the taste of it, huh? Ooooh yeeeaah you are.....and the taste of my dick, too....ooooh fuck, yeeeaah! Wilson, you fuckin' faggot..... swallow it all!". He was just looking helplessly into my face.

I kept on taking this asshole: "Man, you're gonna get fucking fed this morning, that is for fucking're gonna get barrels of warm cum....and you're gonna love every drop... aintcha? Just think of all the delicious protein your tummy is gettin' right now and forever from this ...huh?" With that said, I slammed my large cock as far as it could really go into Mike Wilson's sore throat, and kept it there, making several little thrusting motions, while using Mike's sore throat to milk the rest of the cum out of my teenage dick. It was fucking rad on this moment in Wilson's bedroom. I was the king at Lane Road 24 and had the most arrogant guy at the house now down on my cock taking my cum -- realizing that he was my fuck toy and cum bucket. He took his place this minute. He couldn't do anything else at this point. Poor Mike didn't even had time to swallow the last drops, before I began pumping his mouth all over again. I saw a tear in Mike's eyes as I looked down on him. He broke at this moment of total pain and began crying like a little girl. I was so glad with this moment in our lives.

I kept on thrusting Mike's mouth so hard and fast that I literally thought that tough guy Mike Wilson would pass out. I screamed down into his face "Wooohoo! Here I go again... telling you Mikey boy....I could face fuck you all weekend until I have to let you go." I let Mike Wilson go as I saw that he was choking on my cum. I did not want to take him down that much. He felt miserable catching his breath as I went down determined to fuck his lights out in his own bed. I took him gladly. I put my large cock into his ass while he was still trying to catch his breath. Then I plunged my rod up his ass with speed and hard. My cock was in all it's glory and probably bigger than last night. Probably it is because stiff ass Wilson screamed when he received my cock up his ass. When he got his breath going after getting my cock up his arrogant ass he felt it: I just creamed inside him, in came another volley of my cum filling his bowels. I took his ass with speed and determination and fucked for like fifteen minutes with Wilson just taking it. I bet he could feel pain but he was getting used to being fucked by me. He just took things as they were.

When I finished fucking Mike Wilson I let him go and ordered him to blow me again. I even told him to lick my dark pubic hair. He did what he was told on this excellent morning. He was like putty in my hands now and I had absolute power over Mike Wilson. No kind of arrogance or control was left in that guy now. It was little over 9:00 when my phone started to ring where it was on the table beside the bed. I saw that Joe Wilson was calling me. What a turn on I thought. I sure looked forward to this conversation. His arrogant older brother was down on my cock just blowing me willingly in his bed as the excellent cock sucker he had become. His head was on my crotch and I was so glad how an excellent sucky boy I had turned this arrogant guy into. It sure would be fucking rad speaking to Joe while Mike was blowing me. What a turn on. "Hey Twerp don't slurp on my cum so fucking loud. I have to take this phone call then we will go for a work out and then to shower. I want to fuck you in your shower you know. Then maybe we will go upstairs for a fuck session in Joe's room".

Talk about Joe. I had to answer the phone call from him. I looked into my cock sucker's face and decided I wanted to have him sucking me during the conversation between me and his bro: "What a victory Wilson -- get busy and keep on going". I answered with my name as always. "Hey Phil what's up -- said Joe". "Hi Joey I'm just cool and feel reaaaally great -- I was just waking up after good last night, how are things in Texas?" I saw that Mike became afraid as he knew who I was talking to but he kept on licking my cock just as good as before nevertheless. "Things are just cool Phil -- everything's just fine here. I just wanted to hear from you because I didn't knew yesterday you had to ask me all the questions about Mike. He's just the same arrogant guy and has always been and I hate his dominance. I thought you knew that. Maybe he's now at home thinking about how glad he is to get
rid of me from home. He is and has always been a pain in the ass. I don't know what I can ever do to be liked by him. He never has taken me as a real person in my life."

I loved these words. "Yeah Joe -- he is one hell of a stiff ass arrogant guy." I smiled down to my latest cock sucker, the one and only Mike Wilson when I said these words and he kept on licking my large cock. I just wanted to tell Joe that I had his brother now in my absolute power and could have licking both of our cocks and even let Joe fuck him off to make him happy about taking his arrogant brother but I knew I couldn't tell him that. Joe kept on talking in the phone: "Yeah that's for sure. But what did you do last night -- you said you had really great last night. What did you do?" I smiled down to sucky boy Wilson as I answered: "I got myself a great and pleasurable fuck with the best possible person. It was great laying that person. Played hard to get but it was sure a pleasure taking that person down and banging all last night and the blowjob was excellent." Then I laughed. Joe answered: "Hey guy that sure is great. Nice to hear that you got yourself a fuck last night. I could sure use some fuck soon. I haven't get laid yet. I think it's about time." I smiled to these words: "Yeah Joey it sure is time. Maybe I can get you laid soon. I know the right person you can take."

The devil come out in me as I talked to Joe and watched the frightened face of cock sucker Mike Wilson meanwhile. "Nice work pal. But I have to go now. Just wanted to talk a little". I answered: "Great talking dude -- please can you ring me when you leave Texas for home. I would like to know when you get ready to head home and when you will be back in town." I knew that Joe was that naive that he would tell me everything so I could know when they would be back and I would have time to leave Lane Road 24 and my sucky boy after a great weekend just in time. "Hey dude no problem I will let you know. Probably we will be back late tomorrow night. I don't know yet. But I will keep in touch and let you have the details. Sure will be great to meet again and talk about our weekends. I would like to know more about the one you took last night. Know every details." I answered right away: "Yeah Joe I will tell you the most part of the story hehe. But I'll hear from you then. Keep in touch dude". Then we said goodbyes and I turned off my phone and grinned down to Mikey boy that was not glad about that phone call.

"Hey sucky your bro was glad and loved it there in Texas. Would have been great to let him know where I was and what person I took but I didn't want him to know that I was banging his brother. What do you think? hehehehe". Mike was just feeling miserable in the position he was in right now with my cock in his mouth and blowing it as he knew that he had no control now and I could tell his bro about things. If that would happen he would be little
bro's bitch. He did not know what to do but as he was thinking I told him: "Keep on licking my cock for a few minutes. Then we will get ourselves a shower and keep on with the fucking. I want to teach you to take my inches up your ass in many other positions Mike. Have you ever heard of a doggy style dude hehehehe?" I kept on laughing to the pitiful expression in the face of underdog Wilson here. He was so good in the blowjob. Soon after the phone conversation ended he kept on with blowing me as best as he could. He put himself 100% into this piece of excellent work and I liked how this former king of the neighbourhood was turning into my well made sucky boy. 
Then I stood up from the bed and told Mikey: "Hey now I want you into your workout room. Come on if you can walk then after the fuck hehe" I went into the workout room that was next to the bedroom. Mike came but he was walking quite funny adjusting himself probably after all the fuck sessions in his bedroom and the basement the last 12 hours. As we were both in the workout room I said to him: "Take a good workout for me right now. I want you to pump yourself up a bit for me." He was staring at my cock but kept on with what I wanted him to do. I watched my sucky boy get slowly to some workout but I could see that he was thinking about my cock because he stared at it. He was totally in love with it now, just like any other guys I had taken on. He was just miles away now from his old self as I knew that Mike Wilson would never be the same. After what I had planned for today I knew that it would be that way. But now Wilson was exercising in his room but I could see that he was not thinking about his pumping. He was just under my cock's spell. I wanted him now right here.

"Well Wilson come to me now. Get down on your knees and pay respect to my cock. I think you want to blow me again". I did not have to say this again. He came and went down on his knees and reached for my large cock and got busy licking it. This cock was now the main item in his life and I knew that he was mine in all the sense the word can describe. Mike Wilson, the arrogant guy of the neighbourhood, was my number one cock sucker now and we would have a lot of fun from now on. But after five minutes of Mikey sucking me off I wanted a shower. I took my cock from his mouth and he just stared at it and looked into my eyes pleading for more. "Hey I know you want more of it but I want a shower now here in the bathroom next to the workout room. You have my cum stains in your face and I think it's time for some quality time in your shower. I have never fucked anyone in a shower and who is better to try that with than you, the one and only Mike Wilson hehehe". Mike just blushed and I knew that this piece of hunk had fallen for me in every way. He would not be a problem from now on.

We got into the bathroom and I got into Mike's large shower. This was the biggest personal shower at a home I had been in. Everything was done for arrogant Mike here at his house and he was his parents favorite. Now all of this was mine and I knew that from now on I would use this shower regularly. This basement was our Mike's love nest and regularly I would take him on there. That was for sure: "Hey come on and get in the shower sucky. I want you with me here." He came and I put the water on. "Get down on your knees and take my cock again Mikey". He went down fast and took my cock again. He was getting the hang of it. He just sucked and sucked as the streaming water went down on us. It was 100% pleasure. I was enjoying this so much I don't have the best words describing it. It was like going to heaven in every sense of the word. Mike's tongue worked well on my cock and I knew that this mouth was mine and this hunk was my sex slave. From now on he would be my regular guy in the fuck department.

Talking about fuck. I wanted to fuck Mike Wilson in the shower. Now was the perfect time for that piece of pleasure fuck. "Lie down Mike I want your ass again." He did not dare to say anything but got down. I went down on him, took his legs and put them on my shoulders. It was fucking rad putting my cock deep in Wilson's ass in his shower. He just moaned in sexual pleasure as my cock went in his ass at this quality time in his shower. The water was on us and it was sure nice fucking in the shower. It was a steamy fuck and passionate. It was the first time I sensed that Mike Wilson was up for a fuck and I knew that from now on it would be easy to get his ass. I had tamed this arrogant guy in all the ways that mattered for both of us. I looked down at Mike in the shower. It was wet sex and I could see that he was enjoying it. I had found his weak spot and I knew now that he would want this from now on. Maybe not in public but at least here in this basement. It would be piece of cake to have him from now on. I would want to claim full control of him where I wanted and I would piece of him very regularly from now on.

"This is really good Twerp -- it sure is nice having my cock up in your ass and taking you again. I had never fucked in a shower before. We will do this again soon, I can promise you that. Your shower is so big man -- what did you do to get this. I know you are your parents favorite but this hey it sure is good to have permanent access to this glorious spot in your world. I will use this as often as I want to.". Mike just moaned while I talked to him. He sure was beginning to enjoy being my bottom guy. I had taken him so quick and hard that he had began liking this fuck. It was important victory to have Mike Wilson moaning and feeling great while getting fucked. Last night I thought that it couldn't happen. This Saturday morning I looked down into his face and I saw my sex slave. Mike Wilson was now nothing to me but just a hole to fuck and I sure was glad that I had taken him down. This victory opened the path for me to take on guys that he knew and was not in my reach. Soon I would begin taking the guys I had wanted also but had just dreamed about getting to. Soon they would fall down and be mine just like Mikey here.

After a long fuck session is the steamy shower I wanted something more. We were both soaked after the good shower. I wanted Wilson to lick my ass again and now in the shower. I looked him in the eye and told him. "I want my ass licked now Mike -- you better do it now and do it real good." I sat on Mike Wilson's face and my ass was now where I wanted it. He did what he was told. On this glorious Saturday morning I felt Mike's tongue licking my ass real good. He did what he was told now -- there was no fight left in that guy. It sure felt real having "high and mighty" Mike Wilson on my ass licking it clean for me. I just moaned and felt the total victory I had achieved. 24 hours ago it wasn't even in my mind taking Mike Wilson on to being my sexual conquest. Just late yesterday afternoon I heard he would be home alone and the strategy developed quickly. I decided then I would at least try it. Now I had marked him so well and my cum would be in his body for a veeery long time to come. This very minute he was licking my ass. That arrogant asshole was sure a goner and now he was mine. Now he was just my sex slave and I had him where I wanted.

"I like this Wilson -- you make feel so good. We will have so much fun from now on. I like having you as a bottom. I should have done this way sooner than it was. I thought I could never have you. I could have taken you down a lot sooner and marked you before than that. I always thought that I had not the power to have you. I don't know why I underestimated me in this way. I can take everyone I want. Right now I want you to know that I have wanted to mark you since I was twelve and I always saw myself as to small to take on the mission of breaking you -- even days ago. I'd think about it but pass it by. But now has my time come and right now as you are licking my ass clean in your fancy shower I feel great. It will be great taking care of you from now on. I wish that Joe could see us now. I know he has hated your arrogance in years and disliked your bossy behaviour for a very long time. You have treated him bad and never taken him as a real friend and been his image of a good brother. You've been so fucking bad for years asshole. Well I can just say that this all is also for Joey."

I talked on and on and Wilson just licked my ass. Right now I sounded like the former Mike Wilson. It sure was great being in this position. But now I had gotten enough of the shower. I stood up and looked down on my ass licker, the once tough and arrogant Mike Wilson. Right now he was not a threat to me. He knew very well now that we had reached the point of no return. Soon he would know very well about the impact of all this as I have scheduled a very major thing later today. But on to that later. I just smiled down on him and I could see that this piece of shit was my bitch now. I was so glad. I got out of the shower and reached for a towel. "Hey hot shot get out and get yourself dry please. I want to go upstairs now and take on the day. It's almost noon you know sucky". As poor stretched Mike got himself up and reached for a towel I sure saw that this guy had changed. He was really calm now and much more down to earth. I sure liked that I had changed him that much. As I was dry I threw away the towel and got into his bedroom and put my things in my back pack. Also was Mike's keys, his phone and my things. We were now going upstairs. I thought it was good for the time being down here.

I went back into the bathroom. Mike was almost done and I just went in. We were of course both naked -- our clothes were upstairs. I had found myself one of Mike's boxers and decided to wear it. All of his clothes were marked with MW. I just laughed as I knew in what kind of a position I was in controlling MW himself and everything closest to him. Mike looked at my crotch -- my cock was the thing he thought about: "Come here and suck me off again Wilson. I want you here and down on your knees once again." He came to me and went down and took my cock. He just blew me for minutes. This was sooooo gooood. I thought this was enough for the moment and told him to stand up and go upstairs with me. He followed me and was right after me as we walked up the stair. I opened the door and we were now both upstairs. I wanted something to drink. I went into the kitchen and reached for a cock bottle. I took three crystal beer-glasses down and filled them with coke. Mike was just standing naked in the kitchen and stared down on my cock. I just laughed watching him just staring at my crotch. This was so good. 
Many of you probably think: why three glasses? That was because I planned on having a guest at here at Lane Road 24: to me and Mike Wilson here. I took Mike's phone and dialed a text message with the words: "Hey I want you to come over to my house, Lane Road 24, for a man talk today at 14:00. Mike W." Then I found the name I wanted to send the message to in his contact list and sent the message to that person. It sure would be nice having the third partner here today. I took my back pack and reached into it and found what I was looking for. Then I pulled two pills out of a paper Ecstasy and one Viagra....dropping both into the coke. In Mike's glass went also a sleeping pill. This was a good doze for both Mike and the visitor that would come here 40 minutes later. I just drank my glass and handed Mike his glass. He drank it not knowing anything was in it, as he did not see me putting the pills into it. He would be very asleep as "his visitor" would be here. I wanted him out cold at that moment. I told him: "Let's go to Joey's room now". I want you right there now.

We went to his room. It was right near the living room. As we walked past the living room I took our clothes from last night so it would look quite innocent for what was ahead there. I just looked at my boxers on the floor and it brought the devil in me. I tossed them to Mike. "Hey here are my boxers -- lick them for me". He just stared both at my cock and then my boxers. Then he just put his tongue on them and licked. I just grinned at this good moment. After a few seconds I took them away and told him to follow me in Joe's room. His room was small -- there was a stark contrast between what Joe Wilson had at his house compared to his brother that had the whole basement for himself -- large bathroom, shower and everything. Joey had small bedroom and nothing else private. Now I had his older brother with me and what would happen here would be really pleasant. "Get down Wilson -- I want your ass now right here." He did what he was told. He must have felt uncomfortable at this room and being taken right there. But at the moment Mike Wilson was not the same as before. I had fucked his arrogance out of him real good.

I got down as I got ready for a good fuck in this room. Ever since I was a small boy I have been here playing with Joe Wilson. Now I had his older brother pinned down on the floor and would be fucking him here. Mike Wilson was starting to lose the last kind of control as the impact from the pills started to take him on. I put my large cock way up in the ass of Mike Wilson just as he felled into the e-world real good. I screamed: "This is for Joey -- I wish you were here pal". I fucked Mike Wilson real good as I felt he was out of it by the impact of the pills. His cock was growing. After a good time fucking he fell asleep. This was the time I thought for my mission. I reached for my back pack and took out my shaving gear. I took the shave foam and smeared it on Mike's blonde pubic hair. Then I took the razor in my hand. "High and mighty" Mike Wilson was miles away in dreamland as I got into the work of shaving his pubic hair. This was very good mission and I felt very victorious down on his crotch shaving him real good. This took few minutes. After the work was done I felt good.

I looked down at Mike Wilson's crotch. No pubic hair was left there. He was just like a small boy. I held his cock at the moment and suddenly I felt the power I had over this former arrogant asshole. I had ended everything for him and sure would like to see the look on his face as he would wake up here later today completely shaved. Then I would be on my next mission: I was getting a guest to this house and that would be a good beginning also. I wanted both Mike and him to worship me well into the night. Things would be very steamy at this house today. I put my cock back into the ass of sleeping Mike Wilson -- I wanted another quick session. I fucked him real good and just stared down at the lifeless body of the arrogant guy at the house. I put my hand on his shaved crotch and just felt how smooth it was. It was so much victory I just screamed with pleasure. But the clock was ticking to 14:00. I put a blanket on Mike's body and had him there in his brother's room. I said to myself: This is for you Joe!! I took Mike's keys and locked him inside Joe's room. He would be there for a few hours.

Then I went down into the basement and found some clothes for what was ahead. I decided to wear Mike's shorts and nothing else. At the right time my cock would reach out and make the guest very uncomfortable. Then I went back upstairs and got everything ready for what was ahead. The clock was 13:55 and I knew that the guest would soon arrive. I got the coke glass and put it on the living room table right in front of the TV. 19 hours earlier I started there my mission of taking Mike Wilson. He was mine and ahead was another mission. This would be piece of cake I thought as remembered all the 19 hours in my mind and ended with the important victory of shaving his crotch. The complete fall down of Mike Wilson was sure a fact and now I would soon claim control of another guy. Later today I would want both him and Mike Wilson licking me together and I would get two hot guys for a fuck here today. Everything was ready and I waited and just thought about what was ahead. The time was 14:03 when it finally happened and the doorbell rang at Lane Road 24.

I got to the door and opened it. In front of me all of a sudden was 19 year old Will Johnson, the hot football player in the same team as Mike Wilson. He was blonde, big and very skin but nothing like Mike really. He was softer and I knew that it would take me shorter time to break him in. This was my guest and soon he would be in the same class as Mike Wilson: being stretched and throated. I sure looked forward to it. He was quite stumbled when he saw me. He said with arrogance in his voice: "Hey where is Mike? Your Phil right? -- your Joe's friend". I responded: "Hi yeah I'm Phil, Joe's friend. Mike went out with Joe and he told me to be here to greet you. We should go inside and get cozy and wait for them." He went in and I closed the door. I just smiled as I had Will inside at Lane Road 24. He would sure be changed when he would leave. We sat down in the living room. There was the glass of coke. "Hey Will here is a glass of coke for you. Have a drink". I smiled and he responded: "Thanks very much, I sure is thirsty. It's so hot outside I would die for a drink." I then said grinning:" You'll get enough to drink today Will."

He drank and he took a magazine on the table and started to read. Ten minutes after he arrived I started to put things in action. I adjusted my shorts and loosened them, with Will not seeing it, so they would be down my legs as I would be standing up. My cock was getting bigger and ahead was the mission of claiming control of Will Johnson. My cock started to reach out of the shorts. "Hey Will how is football going?" He started to speak and then he saw my cock reaching out of my shorts. He started staring at my crotch thinking about what it was and saw quickly. He looked into my face embarrassed after he saw it. He tried to answer me but looked down again. Then it was my turn: "Hey your drink is up I'll get some more." I stood up and the shorts fell down very quickly. My cock was now very visible and I saw that Willy boy was falling very soon and he just stared as I stood there beside his couch and the table. He was quite lost. I responded: "Hey sorry for that, I don't know what happened. This has never happened before Will. I don't know what has happened."

Will Johnson was staring at my crotch at lost for words. He was looking at the biggest cock of his life and he was clearly lost on this moment. The impact of the drink was getting on him. His cock was bulging up and he was lost with words. Then he screamed: "Vow Phil you're what sixteen and your cock is.... it is..... ehmmmm....." He was toasted now. I responded grinning: "My cock is what Will?" He was getting very embarrassed. Now was the time to take this to another stage. "Do you like my cock Will -- yeah it's big alright. It's my pride and joy." He just stared and the bulge in his pants was very visible. He was getting to feel the impact of the E and he was getting much softer and falling down. I smiled and said the words I'd said to Mike last night. "Hey Will get down and pay respect to my cock. I want you up close to my cock and look at it. I can see that you want to have a closer look at my large cock. Just go ahead." Trembling Will Johnson was going down -- I could see it quite clearly. He was craving for this and I saw that it would not be long from now on.

This took not a long time. Will Johnson was much easier than Mike Wilson and I knew that within an hour I would have fucked his lights out with him down on the floor under the impact of the pills. He just stood up trembling from the couch and came to me. I looked him in the eye as he just looked back down at my crotch. I wanted this guy down and taking this cock down his throat: "Will get down and take my cock -- I can see that you want it. I want you to take it." Twenty minutes after Will came to Lane Road 24 he fell down and his face was at my crotch. He licked his lips and stared at the cock in front of him. This boy was sure a goner at this point. He made a move for my cock -- he wanted it badly. I took it away from his grasp. He looked up into my face pleading. "If you want this cock Will you have to beg for it real good." After a few seconds it came: "Phil I want your cock -- it's so big I mean you're just enourmous." I smiled and decided to let him just have it right now. Ahead was a glorious day for both of us.

He took my cock and got busy licking it real good. I was in heaven. I had gotten myself a new sucky boy. With taking Mike Wilson I had gotten to Will Johnson, that was now down on his knees sucking me off. I felt real good. Now I wanted to cream in this guy and mark him in that way. "Hey Will here it comes -- I'm cuuuumming". I spermed Will Johnson and he took my cum just like that. He was just melting in my hands as I felt that he was weakening because of the pills. He was clearly losing control. I filled him up and then I laid him down. He clearly very lost as he knew that he was down on the floor. I reached for his shorts and pulled them down. I had him nude in a minute. I just stared down at a nude Will Johnson in the living room at Lane Road 24. He was getting high on the drugs and I knew that it would be piece of cake fucking him right away.

I put Will's legs on my shoulder and looked him in the eye. "Hey Johnson I am taking you now if you mind please." I just grinned at the pitiful face of Will Johnson. I pushed my cock up his ass this Saturday afternoon at the Wilson house. Never would the hunk have imagined that this would happen here. But here he was and now I was determined to fuck him. As I went into Will Johnson he started to scream quite loud from the pain he was feeling. He was very stiff and this very clearly very new to him. His cherry was about to be taken this afternoon as I grinned into his helpless face. He just stared and lost at the moment of being taken by sixteen year old skinny Phil Howard. I went inside him full speed and saw that Will was just getting pain like he never had felt it before.

I just smiled at this glorious moment. Ahead was the final stages of breaking Will Johnson completely in and later today Will and Mike would be down on my cock and one hell of a fuck fest was ahead in this house. I had taken two football jocks as my sex slaves and the would service me quite well from now on. As I looked into the face of my latest sex slave, Will Johnson, I knew that pleasure was ahead. I liked what was happening and I wanted more of it. He was lost on the moment of being fucked and clearly stretched in two and was clearly under the influence of the pills. He was right where I wanted him: in another world. This all helped me in breaking him in way sooner than Mike Wilson.

I felt victorious at this moment and looked forward for all the things that was ahead....

My Inches 6

My Inches 6


Steven Dryer

Hi, it's me Phil. You remember, the high-school boy with the sweet, innocent face, the small, thin body, and the big, BIG, cock. The powerful cock that is my weapon to conquer high and mighty guys and making them my property. Talking about a property. Over an hour ago I started my mission to take on the high and mighty football god Mike Wilson -- the guy I always wanted to take on but thought that I could never get to control. Well that has certainly changed alright. I came to Lane Road 24, the Wilson home, earlier tonight and put on my act for that arrogant asshole Mike. After he saw my cock he fell down and became my property. In just over 60 minutes I have started my mission to make Mike Wilson my sex slave. Right now I am looking into the frightened face of Mike as I am feeding him a good teenage cum. It sure is pleasant watching this bully of the neighbourhood being taken down. And it sure is me that is taking Mike Wilson down right here and making him a cum bucket. It sure was time to make this happen and now things are just getting going.

I am going through one of happiest moments in my life as I am taking Mike Wilson on and making him my sex slave. He is gagging wildly and looking very bad. I am smiling in his face. "Well Wilson your days as the egocentric domineering guy of this house has ended. I am taking you. Get prepared for your new life as my sucky boy. You have always been arrogant and bossy guy that has been treated like a god but now I am about to take your life and make you a bottom guy in my life." I reach for my back pack and take out my cell phone. I pick it and take a phone pictures of Mike Wilson on my cock at this moment -- not exactly the brightest moment of his life. His eyes loses the last part of any control they have as I picture him drinking cum. "Well Wilson now you have been taken pretty good. Now I have photos of you in this position and I have sent eight pictures to my personal photo web. They are kept there and I can use them as I like from now on. So you can forget that 
you can save yourself from this position."

I smile into the face of Mike Wilson. His face has no control. He is scared and his days as a control freak have reached an end. I went over the edge and shot the last load and had my satisfaction reach the high point: "Take it Wilson. Take my cock. You have been throated -- your throat is good and slick. Got to nut again. I like this new arrangement. This is just getting started." I filled him up and reached the point that his face was feeling the enormous point of no breath and losing grip. I took my dick out of his mouth to let him breath. His whole facial appearance was poor and he had lost any control he might have had. He gained a little ground as I put my cock back into his mouth and arranged his head to fit as I put my feet up on his shoulders. I took his head in foot scissors and looked into the terrored face of football god Mike Wilson. "Aren't you thirsty Mike? I think you are. It must be after a meal of that caliber and size. I think you have earned to get a drink. It's pretty obvious that you need a drink."

I smiled into the face of Mike Wilson as I peed in his mouth. His eyes got a sense of new life as I urinated in the mouth of the football stud. He hadn't expected getting this kind of treatment. In his wildest dreams or should I say nightmares he did never thought that he would be ending up drinking another guys pee in his life. But that got to be his assignment on this Friday evening in the living room of his own home. His face was full of fear and without any control as I let go and filled his mouth of a hot and dominating stream of my piss. I let him have it straight down his mouth and told into his face while being serviced: "Take this down your throat. It sure is time to get you down and take my orders and getting to know how I will control you from now on. All my life you have been the strong one and the one that everyone fears of. Now you have reached a new point and this weekend will be an interesting way of letting you know that there is a life out there that you can't control." I finished of and completed to fill him up. His face had an expression of no kind of live and he was lost on this moment of defeat.

I must tell you significant thing about Lane Road 24. It is a large house and very well built. The basement of the house is the most inner circle of the world of Mike Wilson. In there is his large bedroom and powerful workout room. Only twice in all the years I have known the Wilson's have I went into the basement and looked at the fort of Mike Wilson. Both times I peeked there when I was there on visit to Joe and when Mike was not around. But now things had changed and I was about to make the world of Mike Wilson down in the basement my world. His fort was about to become my fort of course and the scene of the takeover of Mike Wilson had of course to be at the basement. No place was more fitting and now was the time to put into action the takeover of the basement and this weekend would be end up in the way that what Mike Wilson had achieved and controlled was about to become mine. Mike Wilson had been taken in that sense and his world in the basement at Lane Road 24 was getting in another direction. Things had changed and of course nothing would be the same for this former arrogant shithead.

I spun Mike over and flipped him down on the floor. I took his face in my direction and talked to him: "Well now you have reached another point in your life -- your new level in our relationship. You have to service me well, Mikey. From now on when we will meet I will take you and shove my cock up your ass or make you blow me. When I will come to visits at this house I will make you service me. Won't that be nice to let you blow me in the basement the same minute as Joe is here waiting for me. Then on we can have quality time down in the basement until I will meet your brother. I think that will be very good filling you up the way I like before I come to Joe. Then maybe I can get things going the way they fit. I will like fucking you down there and then come up to meet Joe. From this moment on you will service me in the way I will like. The pictures of you blowing me will be between you and me for as long as I like but if you don't take things my way I will publish them in the way I think best and to those that you will not like looking at them."

Mike Wilson was getting to know that everything in his life had changed and his life depended on me now. I was the ruler of his life from now on and could destroy him by just letting that pictures go out to those I mentioned. He just stared in my face still realizing that he had lost any control he might ever had. I kept on: "I decided earlier today to try to take you on. I saw my opportunity open up just like that when I heard of the trip to Texas. I am not dumb -- what happened before was a way to make you mine. Now you have to take what I decide. That shit I did before was all an act to get you down. But now I have pics of you sucking a guy. What would happen to you if they ever got out Wilson? The persons to get them if that happened will be the juniors on your football team, your brother Joe, your enemies at school that you bullied and live in this neighbourhood and last but certainly not least I would send them to your competitor on the team, Will Johnson. He is a year younger than you and fighting to take your position. Wouldn't you like to end up as the pussy of Johnson or maybe the young guy that is coming up to the quality field, Ross Anderson?"

Mike was lost at the moment. He just stared at my face. I had him pinned down to the floor of the living room in his house. I kept on teasing him: "What would seventeen year old young jock Anderson think about you if he had the photos of you, three years his senior, and the guy that has bullied him inside team, licking a cock and obviously drinking young teenage cum? Do you think that he would keep them to just himself Wilson? No he would take you on and over throw you from your throne just like that. You would end up as the pussy of the team. Everyone on that team fears you but if you slip you will end up as the bitch of them all. You would end up being multi-fucked in the locker room and would be taken over. Your career as a dominant figure within the team would end and your middle name would be Team Pussy -- ahahahahahaha what a future for you man. They would all be glad to fill you up. I know for sure that you have enough of enemies that want to get a hold of you and make you the underdog. You have no real friends in that team. Everyone take your orders because you have built a king image within the team."

I saw that he was seeing very well that his choices was not pleasant. He had fallen and I was the one that had taken him over. The options for him were not enjoyable. He saw just like that in a flash that he would end up as Team Pussy of the whole football team if they got the pictures. Everyone feared him -- if those pics went out he would be the entertainment fill up of all the guys. Being Ross Anderson's pussy was not enjoyable thing to look to. Anderson was a rising star and he knew that if he took him he would be finished. Anderson would fuck him raw if this went out and take over as the king of the team. This photos would destroy. I saw what Wilson was thinking these seconds. He had no choice. Being a Team Pussy was not a option for him. He knew that he now was the property of Phil Howard. Wilson did not know what was in the package for him as he would assume his title as my property. He knew that out of all the bad options facing him servicing the ten inches that broke him tonight would be the best and the least destroying for him. Wilson saw that in a flash that being my underdog was best of all bad choices.

I liked this scene. I had this football god by the balls now. The time was running on this Friday night and I wanted to take this guy and make his ass mine once and for all. "Mike get up here and lick my cock -- if you don't get busy licking very soon I will send the first pic right now via mobile message to Ross. I have got all the numbers in my phone. I got all the numbers this afternoon from Joe. He was very helpful getting for me the phone book list of your team. I told him I was working on an assignment of football and he got it for me from Ross himself at school. So you really have no position. Your days as a arrogant dominant asshole are over. Come up here and take this cock and lick my crown for me. I want to have that tongue working very well." Mike just stared and tried to get to terms about things as I took control of him mentally. He acted quick as I grabbed for my phone and got the tongue working as he got up and took my cock back in his mouth. "Yeah that's more like it Twerp. I like you in this position -- taking my cock assuming your position as my cock sucker. We will have so much connection from now on after I have taken you fully on."

But now I wanted action. I got up and took hold of Wilson. Now it was time to take his clothes and find his keys and his mobile phone. I wanted to take both things and make sure that after I got him down he would be closed off. I wanted to have him there all the weekend. I was about to make his ass my joy hole this weekend. He sure would be fucked up after that weekend. I found both things and put them in my back pack. I got harder when I finally got hold of Mike's key set with his MW written in gold on it. To reach a hold of his keys was a very big victory. I got Wilson's arm and got grip of that football stud as I put my back pack on my back. Then I started to drag Mike Wilson down from the living room floor and onto the door to the basement that was next to the kitchen entrance. It was not long way from the living room. He saw what was going to happen and nothing good was ahead and tried to get off me on the way as he knew that his way was onto the basement and I had got his keys. I had him now but the main mission was to close him down there. After that I would get to break him totally in.

Mike got very scared and lost it. He screamed: "I'm not letting you take me this way. No way am I getting this kind of treatment. I am an important guy and deserve more respect. You can't be serious about this Phil. Let me go and let's keep this a secret. Please let me keep my dignity. I want my keys back and maybe we can forget this and order some pizza and have fun and talk men to men. I'm sorry for being hard on you and can understand your anger". I laughed out loud when big Mike Wilson tried to save himself from getting fucked big time and trying to get some kind of control in this situation. "Your not going to get yourself out of this so easily Mike. I want to take you over and make you mine completely. We can order pizza alright but that is not going to happen tonight. The only thing you will eat tonight will be my cum and I will make you take it both in your ass and mouth in large doses. After I've taken over your basement and get you to handle your new life as my sex slave we can have fun in many ways. It sure will be nice going to your basement from now on whenever I like and take you with Joe upstairs not knowing I'm here."

He just froze as I talked down to him. He panicked and tried to get out of this situation knowing that I was about to break him in. He tried to broke loose and get off my grip: "Oh no asshole you are not going anywhere. You are about to go down in the basement. You will not decide anything more on this. You are mine Mike." I held him tight as I reached the stairs down. Ahead was a pleasurable time down in his fort. I took the keys and locked the door up to the main floor with Mike Wilson under me fighting and trying to get loose in his panicked state of mind. Mike was fighting very hard and was trying to take me over in his fight for the rest of his dignity. He knew that if I got him down the stairs he would be taken and very hard I might add. He lost the fight to take over the keys and get loose and he got scared as the door closed and the dark took over. There was just the light in his room downstairs and some shed of it got up the staircase. He fumbled on the situation and I carried him down fast and got down very quick with him lost in his state of mind as he knew that the fight was about to be totally lost. He didn't know where I had the keys and was lost as I got him down there.

I got over him and sat down on his stomach with my dick pointing straight in full glory at almost eleven inches (he stared at it like the cock lover as he is) and said to him. "Well Wilson you're down now. You sure tried to get away. I hid the keys where you can't find them now. You can choose to take it the good way or the hard way. I reached for his balls and took them in my hand and made clear to him who was the boss now. There is an old saying that when you get someone by their balls you get that person's attention. Whether it is a small boy or a high and mighty guy does not matter at all. I certainly got all the attention in the mind and soul of Mike Wilson when I took his balls and he just stared at me screaming and was really scared at this moment of the beginning of his take down. He felt all the pain in the world probably as his balls could tell him at the moment. "Don't hurt me. I deserve better than this. Please just let me go and we'll try to get this good. Ooooh don't do this. It hurts big time. Don't you do this or else..." I responded as cold as I could be: "Or else what asshole, who's gonna save you now? We are two here and will be the whole weekend. You're defenseless -- face it please shithead."

He was lost as he knew that nothing could save him from losing his cherry this evening at his own basement -- his fort in the world. I kept on making this moment mine: "I've wanted to come down to this basement for years now and get your attention and wanted to have you as a friend just like Joe. You always hated me being his friend and always talked to me like a fool and made little of me. It hurt and I haven't forgotten it one bit. In the recent months the anger at you have risen in new direction. I've wanted to take you down in some ways. Past weeks I've wanted to make you take my orders and get to be afraid of me. I've wanted to dominate you big time -- get to show you how it is being an underdog. It sure is about time now. Now I want to make you mine -- get to be taken all the way on my cock and take it in all the ways I can imagine for you. The time has come for you to take on your new role in our relationship. From now on I have keys to this basement. You can expect to see me a lot from now on and can be sure that I will want to get you to service me well regularly. I think it's about time now that our relationship improves and I get my space in your basement.

I shoved my cock down his throat in one movement and without any mercy. He was scared and gagged like hell on this moment in his basement. His takeover was ahead and I wanted him to show who was in control now. "Take it you pig and accept your role now. I want to have you and you can't change it. Now we will go into your exercise room and do things my way." I took my cock out of his mouth and stood up, then took hold of him and dragged him into his exercise room. It sure was nice being here with high and mighty Mike Wilson scared as hell on the floor about to be taken. But first I wanted something else to happen: "Well here is a measurement tape. I want to measure the length of your cock. I can see that you are a little hard. I want to get your cock numbers Wilson and compare us. It's a good step now into the night that is now ahead -- the start of a new day and new beginning in your life." I took it in my hands -- it was on a table in his exercise room. "Do you measure your abs with this asshole? Well guess what now it will measure your cock for me. I want to see how big your wiener is. It sure will be good to have this thing measured once and for all -- don't you think so Mike? hahahaha"

I took his cock in my hand as he was laying on the floor like a rag getting grip after being throated with a force -- he sure was afraid and knew that the numbers would not help him in this situation. He had seen in the living room hours earlier that he was way smaller than me -- after all he had fallen in the first place for my large cock and taken it down his throat already a couple of times. "Let's see how much smaller than me you are Wilson" I got busy measuring. The numbers were clear after few seconds. I had Mike Wilson's cock in my hand and taught that asshole that he had lost all control over it.  His cock did not reach seven inches. He was almost there but did not go over the top of seven. I knew now that I was at least four inches larger than this asshole and was about to let him know and of course admit it to me loud and clear that he was the small guy in the cock department in the Wilson home this evening and would be from now on and would respect my cock in every way from now on. "Well you are almost seven and I am at eleven. You are four inches smaller Mike. How can you handle that tough guy? haha."

The look on the face of high and mighty Mike Wilson said it all. He was afraid as hell as I had hold of his cock and twisted it on the moment of the numbers being read up. He screamed at that moment: "Don't hurt my cock. Ooooww it hurts wicked bad. Please Phil don't do this to me -- I'm not used to such a treatment. I want to hold my dignity." He started to cry on this moment. I decided to push this former high and mighty brother of my best friend and started to take him on in his fancy exercise room. "Admit how much smaller you are than me. I want you to take it like a man how small you are and tell me how we are measured. Do it now bitch. I want you to do this quickly. If you don't do this quick I will take your crotch and get to my back pack for my shaving gear and shave off all your pubic hair before I fuck you tonight. It will be rad shaving you football god -- will be good for your team's shower sessions." He fell crying: "OK I give Phil -- you are four inches bigger than me. I admit that you are much more hung than I am. You are much more of a man than I am. Please don't shave me Phil.". He cried -- I smiled. He was mine -- now it was his ass that was left.

I bent him down and took his legs on my shoulder fast and furiously on this Friday night in his exercise room in the basement at Lane Road 24. His cherry was about to be taken by the skinny and well hung Phil Howard. I shouted with grin on my face: "Accept your fate Wilson -- you are about to be taken in the best way possible. Get ready -- cause here I come inside you." No lube was needed for this victorious moment in my life as I took Mike Wilson and made him mine. I wanted him screaming and anguish at the time of his downfall. It was 23:05 on a Friday evening at Lane Road 24 when I took Mike Wilson on a journey to being Phil Howard's sex slave. In four hours I've played with him -- from taking his mighty ego and crashing it completely to this big moment in my life and his as well. It was a new beginning for both of us. It was a beginning of a endless sex and fun for me for 48 hours in this house and forever more. But now in his basement late Friday evening came the real beginning. I shoved my large cock with all the power I had inside Mike Wilson's ass. His face went red when the brute force hit up the ass of this former arrogant controller of many lives. His days as a bully had ended.

Mike Wilson screamed and cried at the moment I took his cherry. Eleven inch of cock stretched him wide. There was no arrogance left in the body of Mike Wilson at this moment. From now on he was mine. He knew it and I sure as hell knew it and was about to take advantage of this football stud's body all weekend long. I was determined to take him so fast that the rest of the weekend would just be a pleasure. When I had broken him in he would want me to take him this hard. But that needed at least few hours and I wasn't going to stop until he had been taken all the way. But now he just screamed -- no control was left in his body. Now he was totally under my control. He was very afraid at this moment - his face was full of terror and he pleaded as best as he could: "Phil please don't do this to me. I am begging you to stop. I will do everything for you if you stop now please. I can't handle this -- you're hurting me. Can't you hear me Phil. I'm sorry for calling you twerp and skinny all the years and how I've behaved to you. Please forgive me and stop this. Phil, ppppleeasse." I grinned to his face on this moment as he pleaded. I loved hearing Mike Wilson pleading me to stop fucking him.

Mike kept on pleading as I continued fucking him fast and furious: "Phil if you stop I will try to get you another guy on my team and you can have him. Phil please stop -- plllleeeeasse I beg you all the way. It hurts, hurts real bad... please let me have my dignity. I can't handle being a bottom. Pppppleeaasse..." High and mighty Mike Wilson was crying as I went in and out of his ass on record speed. I decided to speed it up more into Wilson's ass -- he quickly lost the weak bossy tempo left in his voice and broke down as his voice got more weaker in the attempt to get out of this situation. He pleaded all the way with all the promises in the world for me as I went faster deep inside his ass. He even promised me that he would suck me whenever I wanted but keep his ass away -- he even promised to suck my cock in the school men's room if I wanted to (that was a good idea which I was determined to make him do soooon oh yeah baby ). My large cock got extra hard  "Oh come on and take it Twerp. I don't want anyone else now. I want you. I've wanted you for years. Now I've got you completely and I will let you have it this way all weekend. That's for sure."

I kept on taking Wilson on this victorious moment for me: "Maybe I will want another one of your team to take my cock but if that happens I would want you two together in this basement servicing me. Then you could lick my ass and I would fuck him like I am doing to you right now. It sure would be nice taking either Ross Anderson or Will Johnson and making them mine and then make the one you like better fuck your ass wildly as I would meanwhile let you suck me off. Fucking rad Wilson. I would sure like another sex slave in your team adding to you of course. What a fun that would be -- sure would be cooool -- thanks for the tip Wilson hahahaha." Mike froze and just couldn't utter another word at the moment. He knew he was fucked and I sure as hell knew it as I pumped in him mercilessly. Mike Wilson's ass was very stiff and hard to take wildly just like the one of Principal Sam Barnes. But as the minutes went by it would improve. After this weekend this bitch will be real wide and with practice he would take it as well as Barnes did after our fuck today. But Wilson would get all the time in the world to take it because I would be at Lane Road 24 until at least Sunday evening.

I looked into the face of Mike Wilson. He was lost on this moment of losing his cherry and looking pale as white staring up as he tried in some way to handle the fact that his brother's best friend, skinny Phil Howard, had taken him over and fucked his ass. That was a situation he knew he couldn't flip over. He was my property -- both of us knew that when a guy has taken a load he is a property. That was the same in Mike Wilson's case as any others. I wasn't letting him go away -- not now, never really. He had stopped trying to get out of this situation and was accepting things. He knew now that this fight was totally lost and that he couldn't do anything to get out of this -- and I sure as hell knew it too. Now I had taken Mike Wilson on and he was mine in all the sense he could. Ahead was now the very final stages of taking things on course to letting him enjoy it and craving for this to happen. That was just around the corner. When I had achieved that we would have fun. I knew that sooner, rather than later, that would happen. I sure looked forward to it. Having Mike Wilson pleading me to fuck him and sucking me without being forced to was about to become reality and I got extra hard thinking about it.

I had taken this arrogant sport stud and now I was about to fill him with my fresh teenage cum up his bowels. He was just staring like a zombie and we both knew what was ahead. "Wilson soon I am going to fill you up. I think you need a large load up your ass. Damn, you sure are a stiff ass man, well we have enough time to stretch you wide. I will take you upon your offer on sucking me in the school man's room. Sure would be nice getting to fuck you in the school. Enough possibilities Mike for you in the coming hours, days, weeks and months. We will enjoy ourselves from now on. When I have fucked you well into the night I will teach how to take this kind of a large cock up your mouth and ass and have fun while doing it. Then we will head into your bedroom and get comfortable and you can suck my cock for as long as you want. I have always wanted to sleep in your large bed and take you while I was there. This is the night and we will have fun. When you have gotten the hang of how to take a cock of this size I will let you get close to my ass -- I like boys like you to lick my ass to end this kind of performance with. You're perfect for the role". I laughed into his face talking to him.

My cum broke loose and now Mike Wilson got busy taking it into his stiff arrogant ass. I howled like a cat when he got busy taking me and got an extra power on this moment I took his cherry. Mike opened his mouth on this moment and screamed: "NNNNNNNNNNNoooooooo!!!!!!!" He cried and had absolutely no dignity left on the moment of his first defeat. I was glad that I was the one that took Mike Wilson down and made him take it. My cock was extra hard and long on this very important victory in my life. Taking Principal Sam Barnes was a major win for me but watching Mike Wilson's face while I took him was the biggest win in my life. I never thought I could have the force to own him but now it had happened. In the nine years I've known him I thought that no one could have enough strength to end Mike Wilson's arrogance and egocentric character. He had always been the superior guy in this neighbourhood and been carried around by everyone around him. No one dared to challenge him and take him on -- he was so macho and controlling character. But I had tonight ended his arrogance. I was proud of myself as I looked down into the terrored face of one hell of a beaten Mike Wilson -- crying like a girl getting filled up with my cum.

I'm sure a lot of guys in this town would like to be me at this moment. Mike Wilson was just staring into the wall of his fancy exercise room and couldn't do anything now. His face was filled with cum stains and tears. His days as the boss of the neighbourhood had ended -- nothing would ever be the same. Now he was the bitch of sixteen year old Phil Howard -- had been taken by him in the way that neither of us could ever forget. From now on he would be my entertainment -- both of us knew that this a beginning for him. He would never forget that one skinny Phil Howard made him do this. I had won over the sport stud of the town and owned him. I just went over it in my mind as I towered Mike Wilson in his exercise room -- pumping in and out of his ass with a force. His ass was stretching by my dick. I just couldn't think of the situation in this case enough. This victory would open up many exciting future victories. When Wilson would fully be taken over he would be my personal sex slave and be fucked whenever I wanted to. Getting him to take it upstairs at Joe's room would be the next challenge. I was victorious this moment and the beast in me had taken over at this moment. Who can blame me?

Wilson's ass was mine - he had been taken in the way he never thought possible. And it was me that took him down from his throne. I was the new king in the neighbourhood in the heart and soul of Wilson -- I bet I am. He will never forget this kind of sex. The best of it was that this was just a fuck number one for him. We had all the Saturday and Sunday to get on with it -- because we had the house to ourselves until Monday. Mike knew that now he was a goner. He took the cum. I noticed that he wasn't fighting anymore. He just took it and was like a zombie. I saw that I was breaking him in sooner. The brute force had been so much and my verbal takeover on him had been that powerful that he had almost given up. I wanted to take this scene on a new level. I took my cock out of his ass and bent down on my knees in front of him. "That was excellent Twerp -- it was a beauuuuuutiful beginning. Now I want you up and licking my cock for me. This is the cock that took you down. Never forget it Mike." He stared. Then he gave in to the inches. He came up and licked the cock and took extra good care of my crown. I loved this scene. On midnight a new day had started and a new life had developed in Mike Wilson's sex life.

I was so excited on this biggest victory of my life that I shot my load sooner than I wanted. I filled Wilson's mouth. He took my cum beautifully. Now I wanted to complete this takeover. Just like I had done to Barnes hours earlier I spun around and sat on the face of Mike Wilson. I had his mouth on my ass crack and decided to turn high and mighty Mike Wilson into an ass licker -- what a fate for this asshole I thought to myself grinning in
this fort of his on this victorious moment: "Well Wilson I want some real good tongue work now. Lick my ass for me. I want some real nice work from you. I have heard that you are the best tongue kisser in the town. Now I want you to tongue my ass and be nice to it. You sure have all night to do this again if you want. We have the whole weekend to do this as often as I like it to happen Twerp." I laughed hysterically on this beautiful moment in my life. I felt Mike Wilson's myth as a powerful football god and egocentric asshole fall down completely as I was on his face and waiting for him to lick my ass. This was probably the complete destruction job for him -- the last thing on earth he thought he would ever do. I have taken his life and completely destroyed his character.

Mike Wilson gave in to my wishes in the early hours of this best Saturday of my life as he got busy licking my ass. I was still coming to terms with this victory. I just enjoyed this and felt a new feeling awaken inside me as Mike licked my ass scared of what would be next. I had broken in Mike Wilson and now there was no way going back for us. Now he was my personal sex slave and would do anything as degrading as possible I would want him to do. I had now the full power of his basement at this moment and had taken full control of his life. The Mike Wilson that I have known for nine years has gone and will never ever come back. I took him on to be mine in every sense of the word. In nine years Mike Wilson has been in my opinion a football god and arrogant asshole that has no respect for anything around him -- he has just been bossy type that everyone hate but most of us cannot take on. Well I have a weapon to take this kind of assholes down. Now has high and mighty Mike Wilson been added into my collection of sex slaves and sucky boys. Now he was just my fuck toy. I have in a bolt of lightning won the victory I thought impossible until today. From now on I will fuck this asshole when I want to.

I liked this licking. But enough for that later. I stood up and looked down on the rest of Mike Wilson. He was scared and feared me. He was still licking his lips and that was my ass juice that he was having a feast on. "Did you like my ass Mike? You better. You will get more later this night in your bedroom." I sat down on his exercise board he used to run on in this fancy room. I had gotten a great idea and was about to make it a reality. "Mike come up to me on this exercise board. I want to fuck you on your board. Come sit on my cock." H e stared but was to afraid to say no. I got in the gear as I took Mike Wilson up and he sat on my cock. He screamed when he received the cock up his ass full speed: "What a victory Wilson -- now I will fuck your lights out on your board here. Get reeeeaaaady! I pumped with all the force I had into the ass of Mike Wilson on this victorious moment. He was being fucked with a speed on his running board. I had him where I wanted and just had him sitting on my large cock being stretched in two parts literally. He just rocked by my movement as I fucked him big time. I was over the moon with things.

Then it came what I had waited for all evening. Mike opened his mouth in his sexual ecstasy on the moment being fucked and took it the way every sensible person in sexual lust would do: "aaaawwww what a feeling oh yeah I ummmmmhhhh ohhhhhhh yeeeeesssss" He had been taken and now I had gotten another conquest that wanted to be taken. I had won over Mike Wilson formally and now things would be pure joy: "I'm glad you like it Mike -- this is a start of our sexual relationship. From now on we will do this very regularly. Prove to me that you are mine this very minute and want to be taken like this and in any other way possible." I heard hesitation in the voice of sexually aroused Mike Wilson and then it came: "Oh yeah I like it -- I never thought I could but I have felt a spot go soft I never have thought possible." I was glad but I wanted more and took his face and twisted his face sideways: "I'm glad but the real question is: who's bitch are you Wilson? I want you to admit that you are mine completely." It came almost instantly: "I'm yours Phil. I want more of this." I smiled my vicious smile on this moment of taking Mike Wilson to sexual joy. I had gotten myself a new hole to control.

I had taken the high and mighty Mike Wilson and now it was onto his bedroom. I wanted to take his bedroom and make it mine. I stood up and reached under Mike's arms and took him to his bedroom. Now was the formal end of this takeover. I wanted to take him in this bedroom. It was the final mental victory I needed. I put Wilson on the floor and pinned him down and in an instant I put my cock up his well fucked ass. I had reached all I wanted to do and Wilson was melting in my hands. I had gotten a new sex slave and I was about to take him as I pleased the rest of the weekend. I fucked Wilson on the floor of his large bedroom for minutes. He took it and I knew that he was mine completely. I could do whatever I wanted to him. As I filled his ass I looked into his face. A new Mike Wilson was on the scene. The old one disappeared as he saw my inches. He fell for them and since I have taken him on a journey he thought impossible. Now it was just a joy ahead. I got up on his bed and he followed. "Mike lick my cock -- take the inches and respect them." He did what he was told and licked the cock for many minutes.

As we went to sleep after a rocking day in the life of Mike Wilson I felt his tongue reach under the crown and lick it very well. He was in love with cock that conquered him. I had gotten myself a new sex slave -- I had taken the football god of the town and bent him down on my cock. A pleasure was ahead as Mike Wilson fell asleep on my cock in the early morning of the Saturday that would formally crown him as my property. I wanted to fuck him in Joe's bedroom and make him take things he never would have thought about until this moment I had taken him and made him mine. I had taken this high and mighty guy at Lane Road 24 -- the guy I thought I never could take -- the brother of my best friend and football god and taken him over. Pleasure was ahead in every sense of the word as the biggest day of my life reached an end.

What a day - ahead was a weekend full of endless sex with Mike Wilson. I couldn't wait for tomorrow. ;)