Sunday, May 11, 2014

Searching for Sparky

by Stewy

My father was always a real hard ass. A really macho guy that happened to be an electrician. Always insisting that I work with him after school, he pushed me to do things I really didn't have the skills to do. I paid dearly one day when my father made me re-wire the main power in some guy I didn't care about's house. When my hands accidentally touched the bare wires, I couldn't let go and if it hadn't been for the guy that lived there getting home at just the right time, I wouldn't have lived to tell the tale. I was nearly shocked to death and was sent to the hospital for a month.
That was definitely the most miserable month of my entire life. I could hardly move on account of my muscles being damaged. The doctors told me that they will improve, but never full recover, leaving me significantly weaker. The worst part was definitely the damage to my pituitary gland. Being in my early teens, I was told I would never grow another inch in my life. They also told me I probably wouldn't get any bigger at all. I was permanently stuck at 4'11" inches, with a body most adults would consider scrawny. I grew bitter at the world and adopted a sarcastic attitude, but for the most part I was afraid of people. They made fun of my height and weight left and right. I always pretended to be used to it, but you never really get used to people treating you like you're inferior.
When I graduated high school, I decided to skip college, which ended up being a bad idea. I ended up getting a real crappy job. The years went by and by until I was dead sick of my job as an office boy at this hot shot law firm. I was tired of everyone telling me what to do all the time. I was such a cheapskate though, I managed to save up all my cash and invest over the many miserable years I had to work there. With all my investments and savings, I decided to open up my own bookstore in the city. I investigated the real estate and managed to find a cheap apartment in a complex I could live at temporarily.
The first few weeks went great. I liked my apartment, I liked the city, and the opening of my bookstore was a success. I wasn't raking in the cash or anything, but it was definitely enough to get by, which was all I cared about. I managed to hire a really nice old lady that was a really great employee. Cheryl was her name; she was a doll, always there on time every morning. She was even more punctual then ME. She helped me run the store along with a few other people I hired. I got used to working with her since she frequently opened the store and worked the early shift with me. The nice part was I usually got home around 3 O'clock.
It must have been the 14th day I had been in the city when I met Milton on that Sunday. He was a really friendly guy that struck up a conversation with me in the elevator. As it turned out, he only lived a few doors down from me on the same floor. He talked about how much he loved his family and his Christian upbringing. I got used to running into him and chatting it up, although he did seem like kind of a... I dunno… dork? He kind of reminded me of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons.
I ran into him the very next day and had another chat with him in the main lobby. He referred to me as "neighbor" and made me feel at ease. It was nice knowing a friendly guy that lived close to me. A lot of the other people that lived around me we're really cold and at best would say "hey," in passing, so I warmed up to Milton. I generally warmed up to anyone that didn't comment on my diminutive size and stature, which as it were, were very few people indeed.
That Tuesday, I ran into him again outside his door, lugging a bunch of grocery bags.
"Hey Milton, how's the wife and kids." I said warmly as I saw him in the hallway unlocking his door.
"Mitch! Oh great, I'm making them a big turkey dinner tonight." he informed me enthusiastically, lifting up two plastic bags that seamed full and heavy.
"You go Milton." I joked, laughing inwardly at what a harmless fuzz ball this guy was. His wife was a lucky woman.
"You should come in and chat for a bit." he insisted.
"I've always got time for Milton." I said festively.
Milton unlocked his door and opened it. I followed him into the kitchen and he began placing things onto the counter, bringing out big pans and other cooking utensils.
"So how's life?" asked Milton plainly.
"Can't complain I guess." I responded.
"Oh, that's good. Everyone I've been talking to lately seems to be so down in the dumps these days, it's good to see someone in decent spirits." he jabbered while he pulled a butterball turkey out of the bag and opened it up.
"Yeah well, I just haven't anything seriously bad happen to me in a long time it seems like. Knock on wood." I chattered, knocking my fist on his counter.
"Ha! Well, I can't say I haven't been blessed myself." sliding a turkey into the oven as he spoke.
"How's that?" I inquired.
"Are you kidding? I've got a beautiful wife that loves me, a daughter that's a straight "A" student at St. Junipers, and I like my job." He preened.
"I didn't know you had a daughter."
"Oh yeah, she must have just gotten back from class a short while ago. Prolly watching one of those reality TV shows in the living room." said Milton.
"He he." I chuckled, judging his daughter was probably in her early teens.
"I knew I forgot something. The darned potatoes!" he exclaimed, biting his fist.
"I've got to run down to the store, but I can't leave my daughter in charge of the turkey, she'll burn it to a crisp." he said distraughtly.
"Oh really? Not much of a cook huh?" I asked, trying to ease the tension.
"He he no, she's even worse then my wife. Oh my god, you wouldn't tell her I said that." He said, lowering his voice to a whisper as a look of worry confounded his face.
"No Milton, your secret is safe with me." I responded slowly, using his same whisper as a joke, laughing at how kind hearted and genuine he was.
"Jeese, you know. I don't mean to put you in a tight spot, but could you stay here and watch the oven while I run down to the store? I really wanna surprise my wife. Please?" He asked nicely.
I rolled my eyes back and sighed.
"I GUESS I could do that for you." I joked, feigning exasperation.
"Great! Thanks a bunch Mitch, I owe you one." he spoke as his body was already set in motion towards the door.
"Sure sure." I said downplaying myself. It really wasn't a big deal to me.
"Go join Clarisse in the living room, make yourself at home." he insisted.
"OK DADDY!" I heard a high pitched feminine voice call out.
"Thanks again Mitch. Just don't let that turkey burn." he said with a smile, pealing his coat off the coat hanger and heading out the door.
I wandered around the house and saw flickering lights coming from a dark open doorway. I stepped in and was taken by the sight that lay before me. Milton's daughter Clarissa was strewn out across the floor on her stomach with a remote control in her hand, and a lollipop in the other. She was not the little girl Milton had made her out to be.
As I walked through the room, I gazed down at her body lit by the flickering lights of the TV. Not only was she huge, but she was wearing a catholic school girl's uniform, a plaid blue and green skirt and a white button down blouse. Her ass was glorious as it pushed proudly up into the air through her skirt, which had rode up due to her position on the carpet, exposing the higher parts of her thighs, just a few inches below that incredible butt. My jaw dropped as I drank in her legs with my eyes, they were bent at the knees, her calves and feet bobbing back and forth in the air languidly.
"Hello there." I said casually as I walked past her towards the couch.
Clarissa glanced up at me, pulling her lollipop from her mouth with a *smack,* and gave me a smile. Her face was really cute, especially with those blonde pigtails.
"He ya, mister." she chirped, putting the lollipop back into her mouth.
I sat down on the couch, but I wasn't watching the TV. I was staring at the swells of her ass as her legs bobbed up and down, up and down, up and down, absent mindedly.
Milton was right about the reality TV. Clarissa was watching a show where 12 guys and 12 girls were all competing to become the last couple standing on some island resort, there was massively overdone drama involved as the individual contestants were interviewed, expressing their anger with other contestants.
*smack* the sound of her lollipop leaving her mouth.
St. Junipers must have been a nearby college, by the look of this girl's body, there was no way she was still in high school. I sat there feeling hypnotized, my eyes glued to her butt.
Clarissa's right hand reached back and scratched her right thigh and butt cheek with her nails, hiking up her skirt even more, revealing a brief hint of her white satin panties, before her arm swung back around and helped prop her up with her elbows. I glared with contentment, paying zero attention to the TV screen.
As her head craned back to look at me, I lifted my gaze to the TV screen. There was no way she didn't catch me staring at her ass. She just looked back at me and smiled, taking a lick of her lollipop.
"How come you're so little?" she asked absentmindedly in a high pitched voice, mouthing her lollipop.
"How come you're so big?" I replied simply, judging this girl to be approaching 6 feet tall.
Clarissa just smiled back and then thrust her ass into the air, giving me a great view up her skirt before she pushed herself up and brushed her legs off. Then she turned and I gulped. This girl was stacked. I could see the outline of her bra through her thin white shirt. She had to be at least a DD. Folding her hands behind her lower back, her chest was thrust proudly forward as she began stepping towards the couch, looking directly into my eyes, I stared back curiously. I began to sweat as her body approached and sat down next to me. She put an arm back on the couch behind me. Sitting down, my eyes were even with her chin. She looked down at me with her arm behind me, using her other hand to twirl the lollipop in her mouth by the stick before sliding it out with another *smack*.
"You're really cute." she chirped in a high pitched voice, putting her lollipop back into her mouth.
"Gee, that's nice of you to say." I said, trying to sound apathetic. I wasn't really wanting to get caught messing around with Milton's daughter, so I was trying to display as little interest as possible.
"Can I tell you a secret?" she whispered after sliding the lollipop back out of her mouth with a twirl.
"Uhhhh..." I stammered, not being able to think of a witty response. Clarissa leaned in towards my ear, I felt bosom press gently against my arm.
"I really like little guys like you." she whispered sexily and softly.
"K." I responded, looking back at the TV, thinking this girl might be a little off.
Clarissa smiled at my resistance and sat back up against the couch. I saw her body in the corner of my eye as she yawned and slowly stretched her arms up into the air and back behind her. Those heaving breasts of hers thrust out proudly before her. I heard myself swallow, before she finally finished her long languid yawn.
As I stared at the TV, I felt her big body's weight adjusting on the couch as she scooted further away from me.
"Oh good, right now might be a good time to check on the turkey anyway." I thought. Then the unexpected happened.
Clarissa's gorgeous blond pigtailed head descended onto the couch as she lay down, her head draped itself across my lap. I kind of jumped a little, pushing myself further back into the couch, not really knowing how to react.
"I'm tired." I heard her say in that high pitched girly voice. She curled up into the fetal position with her head resting on my thighs.
I wanted to say something as I squirmed slightly in the couch, not knowing how to react. I couldn't just throw her head off me could I?
Then her head turned in my lap, her body turning to lie on her back, her big blue eyes looked up at me with a blank innocent stare, her lollipop being pulled out of her lips that wrapped around it. *Smack*
Clarissa's gaze was somehow penetrating, her facial expression entirely blank. I squirmed on the inside as I did my absolute best to hide any reaction I might have. I was keenly aware of her impressive assets that were looming a short distance down the couch and tried my best to block them out of my mind as I began to tell her to get up.
"Clarissa... I..." I began when she interrupted me.
"You don't mind if I rest here do you?" she cooed sweetly in an innocent little girl's voice. Her red lollipop stained lips pursed in preparation for her lollipop to return. She slid the stick of red hard candy between her lips and twirled it around before pushing it into her mouth and sliding it out, then pushing it in and sliding it out again, mouthing at it with her lips. She pulled the lollipop out with her mouth again with another *smack*. This time her tongue came out and licked the sweet candy off her lips.
"Actually..." I began.
"'Cause I'm sooo tired." she cooed, putting her lollipop back into her mouth and turned her head in my lap, pushing it further in towards my crotch. I felt my semi-hard penis against her cheek and jaw. I was pretty sure she could feel it, too.
"Ok Clarissa, I've got to check on the Turkey now." I said plainly.
What Clarissa did next made me gasp. I heard the smack of her lollipop being pulled from her mouth with her hand before Clarissa's head turned downward so her lips and nose rubbed against my hardening erection. She began to slide her nose across me, in between my legs and mouthed at my semi-erection with her lips through my pants, I felt myself stiffening rapidly.
"Ahhhhhhh." I moaned, half in pleasure half in panic, feeling her teeth gently nibble my shaft through the soft material of my pants.
I couldn't believe this girl, I'd never sparked this strong of a reaction from a woman, let alone one so beautiful.
"Ok OK Ok." I said in panic, standing up and attempting to lift her head out of my lap. She forcefully tried to keep it there, mouthing and nibbled at my crotch, but I managed to push her off and quickly walked out to the kitchen with a huge tent in my pants. I heard her high pitched voice giggling.
I walked into the kitchen awkwardly due to the wood I was sporting in my pants, making me waddle slightly. I had to adjust myself in my pants so that my arousal wasn't that obvious and I could walk easier. I opened the oven door and checked the turkey with the thermometer. Then I closed the oven door and turned around. I saw Clarissa's towering body in that Christian schoolgirl's outfit in the doorway to the living room, wrapped in the shadows of the dim light with her hand on the wall of the doorway. Her hand slid off the wall as she sauntered towards me, her hips bouncing side to side, causing her skirt to swish and sway and her heavy breasts to bounce gently up and down.
Glancing at the front door I thought I might have to bolt. I glanced back at Clarissa, then the front door, Clarissa, front door, Clarissa. As she closed the distance between us I spoke.
"Look... uhh Clarissa... I'm not interested ok?" I informed her, brushing her off. This didn't stop her from slowly walking intimidatingly towards me, her pigtails and hair swishing, her blue sparkling eyes gazing through mine deeply.
"What the fuck was this hornball's problem?" I thought. "She's got a thing for midgets?" I wondered.
Bracing myself to bolt for the door, it swung open on its own accord. Milton entered the room with another couple plastic bags.
"Ah good. Nothing's burning." he chided, smiling and snorting in a dorky manner.
My heart caught in my chest and I breathed a deep sigh of relief. Clarissa didn't even break her stride as she sat on a stool on the other side of the kitchen counter.
"Watcha making daddy?" pondered the supposed innocent princess that I was now guessing to be 6 feet tall.
"Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce!" He beamed with a huge smile.
Instead of laughing at how dorky Milton was, I couldn't get Clarissa off my mind. She seemed to be staring at me with her pinky between her teeth whenever Milton wasn't looking. I definitely noticed, but did not return her gaze, trying to grab Milton's attention.
"So Milton, find everything alright at the store?" I asked, lamely trying to start a conversation.
"Oh yeah, I even found Myrtle's favorite cranberry sauce." he beamed, preening with joy.
The door opened and slammed shut again.
"Honey I'm home." called an older woman's voice laughingly, carrying her purse and wearing formal clothes.
"Surprise!" Milton yelled cheerfully.
"Heyyyy! You made dinner!" said Myrtle gleefully.
I glanced over to see Clarissa was still looking at me with hungry, almost predatory look.
"Honey, I want you to meet our neighbor Mitch." he introduced, motioning his hand towards me.
"Ohhh, nice to meet you." Myrtle said walking towards me, offering a hand to shake. I stared up at this towering woman and shook her hand with a smile on my face, seeing where Clarissa got her height.
"My god you're..." Myrtle began before she stopped herself.
"It's ok, you can say it. I'm used to it." I said apathetically.
"How short are you?" she asked rudely.
"Honey!" Milton interrupted, "That's no way to treat our guest."
"I'm so sorry," Myrtle apologized, "Please, stay for dinner." she insisted.
Glancing back at Clarissa, who sat silently on the counter, I saw a cat-like grin crept across her face.
"I... Uhhh..." I began to stammer, contemplating my situation.
"He would love to." said Milton, accepting the invitation for me.
"S... Sure." I agreed, feeling heavily pressured into it.
"I had nowhere to be anyway." I figured.
Myrtle went and got changed; and Milton and I chit chatted for a while.
"Imma go get changed, Daddy," said Clarissa in that high pitched voice, giving me one last glance as she walked out of the room.
"Ok sweetie, it's gonna be about half an hour before dinner's ready." He informed her.
"She is such a sweetheart. You know she's got her mother's brains that one. Maybe she'll grow up to be a geneticist like her." he stared wistfully almost towards the ceiling, dreaming of his daughter’s bright successful future.
I just shrugged, not interested in discussing the topic of Milton's daughter.
"By the way, sorry about my wife asking that Mitch." he apologized.
"Really, it's no biggie." I said, laughing at my accidental pun. Mitch joined in the laughter.
"I must get at least 3 comments a day about my height." I informed him. Milton nodded.
We continued to chat for a half an hour, talking about our jobs mostly. Milton spoke warmly about how much he loved the people he worked with and his boss, where as I made fun of my ex-boss's silly antics. Milton, who never said a bad thing about anyone seemed to laugh at my words regardless of their playful negativity.
Milton, deeming the dinner ready, pulled it out and began to cut the relatively small turkey. I couldn't believe he had cooked it so fast, yet it still looked delicious. I knew not his techniques, nor did I care. I was more of a Chinese take-out kind of guy.
"DINNER!" Milton yelled, causing footsteps to stir about the household. I helped Milton carry the lighter plates of food to the long rectangular dinner table.
"Where should I sit?" I asked.
Milton appointed me the seat in the middle and I sat politely as Milton took his seat at the head of the table. The table was pretty big actually, especially for a man of my size, but I took notice of its fine smooth craftsmanship as I pulled my chair closer towards the table, the tablecloth sliding over my lap.
I began to take a sip of water from my glass when Clarissa sauntered in wearing an outfit that managed to hide very little of her voluptuous body. A pair of white soft short shorts and a bright pink belly shirt that showed a healthy amount of cleavage and offered a view of her taught stomach before she sat down across from me. She was bursting out of that shirt.
Nearly spitting out my water, I began coughing having felt some water go down the wrong pipe. I covered my mouth with my hand and gave several big coughs.
"Are you ok Mitch?" asked Milton politely.
"Oh yeah, just swallowed some down the wrong pipe ya know." I assured him. I saw Clarissa's lips curl into a smile as she sat with her hands in her lap, pressing her bosom gently together with her arms. I was definitely hard pressed not to stare at those toys of hers.
Myrtle came in wearing a black t-shirt and jeans and sat down at the far end of the table.
"Ok great, now we can say grace." said Milton warmly.
"Would you like to do the honors Mitch?" asked Myrtle.
"Sure." I replied, remembering that I was with a religious family.
Everyone at the table closed their eyes, folded their hands, and bowed their heads.
"Thank you god for the food we are about to eat. We give thanks for..." My thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of a large soft foot that touched my calf and gently began to rub up against it.
"...the... homes we live in..." my words became cluttered and awkward as the foot slid up to my knee and its sole rubbed against the inside of it.
"the jobs we work at... the..." I stammered on, stopping to swallow loudly as the foot playfully made fists with its toes and then opened, fists with its toes and then opened again and again as it inched up my thigh.
"...t... the..." I began to sweat as the foot began tracing circles with its big toe around my inner thighs, inches away from my manhood that was becoming quite aroused.
"Family we l... lives with..." I stuttered as the gentle foot continued to tease my upper thighs.
"and the p... people" Clarissa's foot slid gently in between my legs, prodding my length with her toes, then wiggling them against me underneath the tablecloth.
"...we love. Amen." I finally finished.
"Amen!" said all 3 other voices in unison.
"You don't have to be so nervous around us Mitch." Myrtle laughed, downplaying the strict religious air.
"It was my first time." I lied, feeling Clarissa feet scrunching and wiggling in my crotch. I looked up at her to see her smiling gently at me, while giving attention to her parents when they spoke. I tried to give her a stern eye that said "stop it," but she didn't seem to notice or care.
"Well, Clarissa here just had her 3rd day of classes today, didn't you darling?" Milton said.
"Yes Daddy." she said politely and innocently in her high pitched voice.
"How was it?" he inquired.
My prick was now rock hard in my pants as Clarissa's foot pushed it playfully around in my pants before she pressed her sole into it, flattening it against my crotch and lower abdomen and pressing firmly on my balls.
"Mmmmm," she said thoughtfully, "It was REALLY hard." she said, lowering her voice making it more throaty, looking at me when she said the words "REALLY hard" while scrunching her toes against the underside of my sensitive head.
"But I think I can handle it no problem Daddy. I just need to work at it." She said, eyeing me up as the ball of her foot began to slide up and down, pushing my shaft into me and effectively masturbating me in my pants.
Milton and Myrtle were listening with their eyes on their plates, completely oblivious.
"There, you hear that? What a trooper." Milton began, preening over his prized daughter that was in the process of jacking me off under the table with her big sexy foot. I shook my head at her "NO!" when myrtle and Milton looked at her, begging her to stop. She just returned my look of panic with a satisfied grin as her foot began to move against me even faster.
"I tell ya Mitch, when my Clarissa sees something she wants she just GOES for it." Milton assured me proudly.
"That's right," added Myrtle, "There's no stopping our pumpkin." they praised.
"Oh shit oh shit oh shit." I thought to myself, feeling my orgasm building. In my current state I was more then unable to stand up, everyone one see my raging tent in my pants. Then again, if I backed my chair up, the same thing would happen; the tablecloth would expose me in all my glory.
Panic washed over me as my breathing quickened. I couldn't believe that Milton 
and Myrtle were so damned oblivious about their daughter. Clarissa's foot continued to slide up and down me, stopping to slide her toes down to my balls and wiggle them against me. It took a lot of willpower to sit still and not make a scene. I looked up and saw Clarissa stuffing a forkful of mashed potatoes into her mouth, sliding the fork out slowly while she stared at me, pursing her lips and then licking them. Her foot continued to wriggle around my ball sack as the conversation picked back up. I was just thrilled nobody was talking to me.
I spoke too soon.
"So Mitch, your new here and don't know much of the area. Why don't you have my daughter show you around town?" Mitch suggested.
"I..." began to stutter, not having an easy time speaking with Milton's sexpot daughter's foot squirming against my balls.
"I don't think..."
"Yeah why not Mitch?" spoke Clarissa over me sweetly. "It'd be sooo much fun." she chirped innocently like a good little girl.
"Have you seen the park Mitch?" asked Myrtle.
"No. Can't say I have." grunting out the sentence, thrilled I got out all the words without stuttering.
"Oh it's wonderful." beamed Myrtle.
"Yeah, Clarissa will take you tomorrow; your very own tour guide. Won't you Clarissa?" asked Milton.
"Oh, I'd LOVE to." she beamed, bearing down on me with a huge toothy smile. Once again the ball of her foot slid up and began pressing me into my flesh, sliding up and down, up and down, up and down, up, down, up, down, up, down.
"How in the hell are these people THAT stupid." I thought to myself, trying to think about anything but the foot that was pumping my dick, begging for my release. I was sure that other people could hear her skin sliding against the material of my pants, but apparently they really were that thick. Still though, if I erupted in my pants, there would be no explaining it. I would be screwed beyond belief.
"I dunno." I gasped out, doing my absolute best to keep a straight face.
"Oh c'mon Mitch, it's the least we can do to help. She doesn't bite." Insisted Milton looking over at me. I shifted my glance to Clarissa who made a sexy biting motion at me, drawing back her lips and snapping her front teeth together.
I felt my orgasm lurch, painfully close to the edge. I was fighting it like a
champ, squeezing my orgasm back down as hard as I could. Clarissa seemed to
sense that I was resisting with all my strength, so she continued her
"C'mon Mitch, you HAVE to come." she commanded insinuatively as her other foot finally joined in the fun, surprising me entirely by playing with my balls while her other skilled foot increased to a record pace.
"O... K..." I stammered, exhaling loudly, letting go of everything as I erupted load after load against the sole of Clarissa's smooth silky foot as it squashed into me and grinded out as much semen as possible. Clarissa's eyes looked into mine with utter delight, Milton and Myrtle just thought she was happy I agreed to let her give me a tour.
Relentless, she didn't stop her ministrations against me, I unloaded what felt like a pint of cum into my pants, feeling its warmth ooze down my leg.
"There it's settled. I tell you Mitch, it's great to have such a friendly guy as our new neighbor. I think you're going to like this place." said Milton sociably. I looked up at him with a forced smile and a nod. I simply nodded again and again at any conversation, avoiding speaking as much as possible.
"This place would be perfect if not for those blasphemous teenagers down the hall. One of them was staring at my daughter in the elevator. That's the kind of thing I just won't tolerate. The moment I caught him doing it I grabbed him by the neck and started..." anger and frustration welled up in his voice to a more than surprising amount. I had no idea Milton could actually get angry until this point. I couldn't believe how suddenly his face turned red. There was a fire in his eyes I hadn't seen as de described picking up the kid to perform his violent act.
"AHEM!" Myrtle interrupted, "Milton. We have guests." gritted Myrtle through her teeth, as if covering up a secret.
I had known there was something weird about Milton, he was simply too nice. Apparently he had some kind of inner rage problem when it came to guys messing with his daughter, his pride and joy.
Clarissa had been eating her food throughout all of this, multitasking with seemingly zero effort. I glanced over at her gaping neckline as my cock kept twitching in my pants. Clarissa bent her arms back behind her chest in a slow relaxed stretch, embellishing my view of her. Eventually my cock stopped spitting and twitching, but that didn't make Clarissa remove her playful feet from me and they continued to fondle me while I deflated.
"Right, sorry honey. I just get... you know..." Milton apologized.
"I know honey, its ok." consoled Myrtle.
"Well, on that note. I guess I'll start the dishes." said Milton excusing himself. Clarissa's feet were rubbing my wetness through my pants playfully, my orgasm completely waned.
"So..." Clarissa began in her high pitched innocent voice, "What is it you do Mitch?"
"I own and run Harper's book store." I responded.
"Oh wow. Really? That new book store on Walnut avenue?" asked Myrtle, seemingly pleased to hear my upstanding occupation.
"Yeah, that's the one."
Trying to talk with them was difficult. All I could think about was the huge stain in my pants and what would happen if Milton saw it. Clarissa's feet finally left my lap and began to slowly descend down my legs until they reached my calves and then left me for good this time. I sighed a huge breath of relief and began thinking about only escape.
"Any new good books out I should know about?" Myrtle said lamely, obviously interested in books, but I wasn't interested in embellishing her conversation at all. I had to get out of there and fast. I scanned the doorway for Milton and heard him doing dishes, that means he'd be too my right side when I got through the doorway. If I kept myself turned to the side, he wouldn't see my mess.
As I spoke with Myrtle, Clarissa was raising her brows at me and winking at me teasingly, as if mocking my situation while she finished her food.
"That bitch." I thought to myself.
Realizing it would be awkward, I executed the only plan I had while there was still a chance.
"Oh my god, I completely forgot about Cheryl." I said in fake despair with my best acting ability.
"Who's Cheryl?" Asked Myrtle.
"My co-worker, she's going to be furious. I forgot to call her with the numbers. I've gotta run. Thanks for the dinner!" I yelled pretending to be in a furious hurry.
I pushed back my chair and turned my ass towards Myrtle so she couldn't see my soiled pants as I moved to the doorway awkwardly, looking quite strange I'm sure. The moment I went through the doorway, I turned myself ninety degrees to the left, blocking Milton's sight from the front of my pants as I rushed through to the doorway.
"Thanks for the dinner Milton, gotta run!" I yelled as I sprinted up to the doorway and began unbolting the deadbolt.
"What? Mitch?" He asked confusedly as I opened the shut the door behind me, sprinting down the hall and pulling out my keys to unlock my door. I tried to stuff my keys into the lock, but I dropped them in my anxiety. I picked them back up and dropped them again. I was sweating profusely, my hands shaking. I managed to finally unlock my door. I dashed inside, closed, and locked the door behind me with a great sigh of relief.
"That was close." I said under my breath, looking down at the big mess on my pants.
The next day at work I kept running the events of the night before in my mind. Things like that just don't happen to me very often. It was like a movie. Although I was pleased to have such good Christian neighbors, I was scared of Clarissa, and of Milton too for that matter. They were both a lot bigger then me, seemed to have mental issues, and avoiding them would be tricky seeing as how I was only 2 doors down from them. Milton seemed to like me a lot, which made contact with him even more likely.
As I shelved some books, I thought about Clarissa, that vixen. I found myself getting angry thinking about the position she put me in, but also aroused. Pondering the swells of her ass under that skirt in front of the TV, her feet in my lap, I found myself becoming turned on at the thought of her dominating me. I had to change the subject or I'd be walking around the store sporting major wood. Something about that girl freaked me out though, she seemed unbalanced. I'd have to stay away from her for sure.
"Oh crap." I said thinking out loud remembering how I had agreed to let her show me around town today after work. Looking at my watch I said "2:30" to myself. Half an hour before I was done for the day. I pondered what time Clarissa got home from class. I could probably sneak into my room and just not answer the door. Or maybe I should wait and go home late?
"This is all stupid." I thought to myself. "Look at yourself, scared to go home ‘cause of some 18 year old." I laughed, realizing my situation and suddenly losing most all my fear of going home after work.
3 O'clock hit and I clocked out. "Ok Cheryl, hold the fort down for me." I said on the way out.
"You got it boss." replied my trusty employee.
I was right, nothing happened. I went up the elevator of the apartment complex, down the hall, and into my room with no trouble. No Clarissa, no Milton. They probably hadn't taken the silly proposal seriously and left me in peace. I put on some pajama pants and a white t-shirt and lounged around my home, reading my favorite author's latest book.
It was maybe 15 minutes after I got home that I heard a knock on the door.
*knock* *knock* *knock*
My heart sank into my stomach and my stomach felt like a ton of bricks. It had to be Clarissa. I looked around the room, but then froze and remained perfectly still. Then my stomach's butterflies got even worse as I realized I hadn't locked the door.
"Should I move? Should I get up and lock the door? I would have to." my mind thought.
I crawled up out of my chair and stealthed across my room slowly and careful to not make any noise. As I was finally about to reach the door, I saw the doorknob turn and the door swing open, I almost crapped myself at the sight before me.
Filling most of the doorway was Clarissa's seemingly colossal body in her school's uniform. That same thin white shirt and blue and green plaid skirt that came midway down her thighs. I was eye level with the top of her shoulders and saw first the strap of her black bra and then the rest of its lacey form faintly visible through the material of her button down shirt. Many of the top buttons were undone, causing an eyeful of cleavage to loom just below my vision. I stared straight ahead into the bottom of her smooth neck. The dark brown straps of a mini sized backpack wrapped over her shoulders and under her arms.
"Hi there neighbor. Did you miss me?" said that soft high pitched innocent voice that sent a pang of adrenaline through my body.
I craned my neck up slightly to see her pearly white teeth as she grinned down at me with a big smile and a joyous look on her eyes as her torso gently rotated from side to side with her hands behind her back, thrusting out her proud chest towards me. I heard my saliva slide down my throat as I swallowed and backed up into my apartment.
"H...Hi... Clarissa..." I stuttered, intimidated by this woman's size as she stepped towards me, towering above me.
"Wow, you really are tiny." she whispered. "How did you get so small?" she said bluntly, stepping towards me.
"P... please... come in." I stammered. She had already entered before I said that.
I heard her girly voice giggle at me as she closed the door behind her.
"Uhhhhh... So..." I began, backing up further away from her as walked slowly into the room.
"You're gonna show me around the... park are you?" I asked meekly, gawking at her chest as her body turned from having closed the door, giving me a gut wrenching side profile of her size.
"Nice place you got here, Mitch." she announced, ignoring me and looking around the apartment.
"Yeah. Thanks." I said, scratching the back of my neck.
"It's a bit hot in here though." she announced, raising her hands to her blouse as she stepped into the kitchen, exploring my apartment.
"Is it?" I asked, my knees feeling week.
"So, I guess we should be going right? Before it gets dark." I said weakly, suggesting we get on our way.
"Hrmmm?" her voice hummed gently, her body turning back towards me, showing me that she had undone a few more buttons on her shirt, exposing the cups of her bra and the material between them as she began to saunter towards me.
"God, she's big!" I thought to myself, feeling intimidating by her mass approaching me.
"Did you say something?" she cooed, bringing her body close to me. She seemed to really enjoy standing next to me. It made me feel uncomfortable, scared, but it aroused me in full. I felt myself stiffening as she brought her body so close to me.
"I said... We should... get... going right?" I said slowly, backing away from her until my legs hit the back of my couch.
Clarissa grinned down at me with a knowing grin, lifting my chin to look up at her.
"Gosh, you are sooo small. Look at you." she whispered, her chest a short distance away from my neck, approaching me. I swallowed and began to sweat.
"I must look so big to you hrmmm?" she asked in her innocent voice.
"Well uhhh... yeah." I said, stating the obvious.
"Look at this," she said, stretching her body up to its full height, thrusting her exposed cleavage inches away from the bottom of my chin, "You don't even come up to my chin. Ha ha." she laughed excitedly.
I felt Clarissa's hand slide through my brown hair as if she was gently petting a cat. I felt myself begin to stiffen in my pajama pants.
"Oh WOW! COOL STEREO!" She said like an excited teenager as she ran over to the stereo by my TV, tossing down her mini backpack and reaching into it to pull out a CD. She quickly stuffed it into my stereo and turned it on.
"Careful with that Clarissa. It's expensive." I cautioned.
It was like this girl couldn't hear a word I said. It was like I wasn't even there.
Some kind of music I wasn't familiar with filled the air. It was an up-tempo dance type music with some kind of tribal drums giving a solid rhythm. I sat down on the couch to hide my hardening member and watched in horror as her skirt began to sway to the music. Her body began undulating skillfully and sexily as she used her body to move to the music, smiling at me, her look encouraging me to watch. I fidgeted on the couch as she whipped those sexy hips around causing her skirt to lift up occasionally. A few times it whipped high enough to show me a brief glimpse of her black panties that matched her bra. Clarissa knew how to use her body to get a guy's attention. Her chest heaved and bounced with her sexy undulations.
I was nearly drooling in my seat and she seemed to really enjoy having me watch her. Having this voluptuous beauty dancing in my living room in a catholic school girl's uniform was more than erotic. I felt myself beginning to really tent in my pants, so I turned and looked away, adjusting in my seat to hide my erection.
I felt a huge weight settle on the couch next to me, seeing Clarissa's huge body crawling towards me from the side of my vision. I squirmed in my seat, pressing myself into the corner up against the armrest, unable to stand up lest she see my raging boner.
Laying down on her back, her head slid into my lap as it had the night before. I quivered and looked down at her big gorgeous head as it lay on my thighs, looking up at me with a playful smile. She reached up and pulled out her pigtails, letting her hair down as it spilled into my lap.
"So..." she breathed sexily, "Wattaya wanna do now, Mitch?" she cooed in that innocent high pitched voice.
"Clarissa... You shouldn't be doing this." I said through my increasing rate of breathing, which quickened when I felt her head turn in my lap.
I looked down at Clarissa who had turned inwardly towards me, her lips faced into my crotch a few inches away from my stiff member.
"Let me... up Clarissa." I said, feeling very weak in the knees, not wanting to shove her head away by force.
"He likes to talk a lot doesn't he?" she cooed in a baby doll voice, talking to my penis, raising a fingernail to softly tickle it's underside with one gentle stroke.
"But we'll just ignore him won't we?" she cooed, pressing her cheek and lips gently against my shaft through my pants so that her plush lips moved against me when she spoke. "Yes we will. Yes we will." turning her head from side to side, rubbing her face and cheeks against me.
"‘Cause I know, you're the one that's really in charge here. Aren't you?" she continued speaking to my dick in that tone of voice, her lips brushing over me as her mouth caused me to stir.
I was scared and shaking in my seat, but my dick was throbbing and pulsing with utmost intensity as I felt Clarissa's soft well manicured hands unbutton the fly on my pajama pants and fish through my pants, releasing my male member from its clothed prison. It twanged up into the air at full attention, this caused Clarissa to give an "Oooooooo" at it, her lips inches away from it pursed and blew a jet of cool air at it, causing it to twitch.
"That's right. I knew I could trust YOU." she said to my throbbing cock in that innocent tone.
"Clarissa... Please, stop." I uttered, ashamed at myself for letting this girl nearly half my age torment and tease me to the point of nearly erupting.
"Are you ready little guy? Yeah... I know you are." she cooed in that baby doll voice.
Clarissa just stared at my penis in awe as her long tongue stretched out from her lips and gave my shaft a long, slow, LICK, giggling at the way it twitched and shook against her tongue, smiling with a huge happy grin.
"Oooohhhh, Look at you shake. You like that don't you?" she continued relentlessly before sticking out her tongue again and giving my shaft another big slow lick, this one even slower then the first.
I could hold on no longer, I let go of everything. Sensing my orgasm with proficiency, Clarissa's wet moist lips wrapped around just my head and her tongue lashed out at the sensitive underside of it as she sucked on my dick like a straw, encouraging my orgasm. Her tongue kept gently sliding against my head and then sliding back into her mouth, tickling me beyond any orgasm I've ever had as her big lips never let go of my head. I unloaded shot after shot into her mouth which she happily and eagerly swallowed with sighs and moans.
"Mmmmm... Mmmmmm... Mmmmmm..." She moaned as she drank my seed like it was the tastiest milkshake she had ever sampled, sliding her lips ever so slightly up and down on the sensitive top part of my dick. I was amazed at the amount of stimulation she caused with her lips only working my head and just less than a half an inch underneath it.
The change was rapid and unexpected, I felt her lips growing around me, expanding around my penis's head, her head grew in my lap, slowly expanding. I began to panic with her head in my lap as I saw the couch grow around me, my environment slowly expanding. I grabbed her head and tried to push it off but her hands grabbed mine and forced them back onto the couch as her tongue continued coax my orgasm as it gently teased my head dancing side to side. I thought I was going to pass out as she tempted my dick to the point of almost painful orgasm. I was unaware that my dick could spew so much goo in a single orgasm. I continue to feel her head expand, my lap shrinking and shrinking as I looked down at her body that expanded, filling more of the couch. The already tight material of Clarissa's shirt pulled taut against her body, putting heavy strain on her buttons, causing a little bit of skin to show between them. Her cleavage swelled as her bra was no longer the right size to contain her ample bosom, pushing up and out, attempting to free themselves from their prison that was now too small. Her hair seemed to lengthen all around my lap, extending and falling all around me, brushing me ever so lightly as it slid over my unclothed arms. Her skirt rode up on her as her lower half joined the rest of her body in its expansion. The swells of her pert ass cheeks inflated under her skirt, lifting it up and exposing more of her tanned creamy upper thighs.
"Was I just shrinking? Or was she growing? Or what the fuck?" My brain frantically panicked as my orgasm finally began to wane. Clarissa's lips slid all the way down my shaft. She just stayed like that, forcing me to remain in the wet smooth interior of her mouth for a few minutes while it felt like her tongue was cleaning me of all my semen. My shrinking seemed to slow to a stop as her lips slipped off my dick with an audible smacking noise.
Clarissa's head turned on it's back in my lap and she stared up at me with a crooked smile, flashing her teeth at me like an animal, raising a finger to her wet shiny lips coyly. My body felt so damned weak.
"What... Have... You... Done?" I asked, trying to catch my breath. "What's going on here?" I gasped, my eyes bulging out of my sockets as I took in my surroundings that were very real indeed.
I heard Clarissa's voice giggling her high pitched giggle and I looked down to stare at her. Her clothes were definitely smaller on her, her breasts were bursting out of her bra.
"WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" I cursed, pushing her heavy body as far off of me as I could, which wasn't very far as I experienced a new and strange sensation of weakness coursing through my body. I only managed to move her a few inches, but it was enough for me to squeeze between her head and the side of the couch to stand up.
I turned around and backed away from her, in a state of utter horror looking down at her oversized body strewn across the couch just smiling up at the ceiling and changing to a more comfortable position on the couch apathetically, her thighs crossing over one another sexily, causing her skirt to slide down and expose them a bit more.
My head panned left and right as I continued to back up, my head spinning frantically looking left and then right, then left, then right. Everything was noticeably bigger and my feet backed into a stack of books, tripping me and making me fall back. I gazed up at the ceiling as everything seemed to move in slow motion. I felt my body lose all balance and go crashing into the floor. My head narrowly missed the wall and I landed on the carpet in the corner of the room, staring up at the painted ceiling in a great deal of pain. 
"Ooohhh shit." I cursed in my daze. As I lay there for a long while, I felt a shadow crawl across me as looming presence blocked the light. Clarissa stood with her feet apart and her hands on her hips at the end of my feet, smiling down at me. I drank in her presence with awe. Her huge proportions seemed even more incredible from my perspective on the ground. She said nothing, she just looked down at me with a playful smile, seeming to enjoy herself.
"Ugghh." I moaned, feeling myself slowly recover from my fall, still feeling weak.
"Same time tomorrow, k?" I heard her chirp, before turning around, her skirt fluttering up to give me another brief glimpse of her panty clad ass. I noticed that her panties were definitely smaller on her now, stretched more tautly and exposing more of the flesh of her perfect heart shaped bottom that was bigger than its previous size. I felt the vibrations of her heavy footsteps on the carpet as I heard the door open and close.
I lay there on the floor for another 5 or 10 minutes, my mind feeling traumatized.
The next day at work I felt paranoid that everyone would notice my new size, but I was surprised to find it was apparently less obvious than I would have thought. When you're 4'11" and you shrink to 4'5", I guess maybe people still just see you as the exceptionally short person you already were. People still commented, but they didn't put 2 and 2 together outright. My clothes had gotten much baggier on me and didn't fit too well.
"He ya, boss." said Cheryl behind the counter, having already opened the store. I looked at my watch and realized I was 10 minutes late.
"Hey Cheryl, how goes it?"
"Oh ok I guess, but I'm having a problem with the ISBN's on the new... say... you look a little different today." she commented.
"Yeah, I'm feeling a little sick is all." I responded. "I think maybe I'm losing some weight."
"Oh, well... You know what I do, I drink Ginseng tea and have chicken soup whenever I'm feeling a little down and out." informed Cheryl.
Cheryl was old fashioned, and a fantastically reliable employee. I tried to avoid contact with her as much as possible throughout that day.
"I'm gonna shelve this shipment that came in Cheryl." I let her know.
"Oh, ok Mitch." said Cheryl in her old slow voice.
I unloaded the box and marveled at the size of the books, my hands now smaller as they gripped them, handling them less easily. The shelves were higher and I used the ladder more often then I would normally have to. Otherwise it wasn't that much of an issue. It isn't like it was life crippling or anything.
All day long I contemplated how the whole thing happened.
"People don't just shrink." I said to myself. "And on that note, people don't just grow bigger."
I knew there was foul play involved. Clarissa was up to something. I had to avoid her at all costs, lest she shrink me down to an incapacitating size.
Setting my books down, I went to use the bathroom. As I absent mindedly took a leak, I noticed that my dick felt sizeably bigger. I squeezed it gently in my hand and felt its weight. It definitely was bigger.
"Is it bigger? Or did it just not shrink?" I thought. "Well at least not all of me is shrinking." I said, trying to look on the pathetic bright side of losing half a foot in height and a who knows how many pounds in weight.
I managed to go the whole day without hearing anything about my new reduced size.
I walked down the streets, homeward bound. Walking in the elevator, I began to sweat, crossing my fingers I wouldn't run into Clarissa, Milton, or Myrtle. Slipping into my apartment, I locked, bolted, and chained my door.
"SAFE!" I announced inwardly, feeling a great load of relief.
20 minutes after I got home, I heard a knock on the door. I clenched the arm rests of my chair in fear. I knew it was Clarissa. Who else would it be?
*knock* *knock* *knock*
My organs stirred as I sat in my chair, a frightened child.
*knock* *knock* *knock*
I saw shadows crawling under the slit of the doorway from the obstructed light.
*bang* *bang* *bang*
I began to sweat as I lay perfectly still.
*Kachunk* *Kachunk* *Kachunk* the sound of a strong hand trying to force the door open.
My hands gripped the chair tightly, waiting for it to pass.
It took at least 10 minutes before my adrenaline wound down. Fear dominated my mind. I tried to think about anything else. I thought of my family growing up, playing catch with my dad, it eased my mind.
Finally when I began to calm in full, I saw shadows under my doorway again, then a sheet of paper with a Polaroid stapled to it slid under my door. I heard high pitched giggling and the shadows disappeared.
Investigating, I bent down on my knees and picked up the note and lifted it while I stood. I tore the picture from the note and held it in my right hand, holding the note in my left. I felt pangs of sexual arousal course through me the instant I looked at the picture.
The picture was a shot of Clarissa in a tight blue bikini. The camera was looking down at her from above and all you could see was from her mouth down. Her lips were smiling sexily and her tongue was licking her lips, pointed towards the upper left corner of her mouth, curled at the tip. Her arms were squeezing her breasts together into what was the most gut wrenching display of cleavage I had ever scene. She was bursting out of her top. The worst part was that she had squirted what looked like suntan lotion onto a spot right above her cleavage, which had trickled down her chest in between her tits that were being squeezed together. There were several other splotches of lotion that had been splattered on her bust.
I gazed at the picture feeling hypnotized. I felt my penis stiffening in my PJ's. I snapped out of it, shook my head, and raised the note in my left hand and read it. It only had 6 words written in big curvy feminine cursive.
"IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME" the note washed me with an impending sense of doom. I crumpled the note and threw it in the trash.
I raised the picture above the trashcan to toss it out. But when I held it over the trashcan, my fingers didn't let go. I pulled it away from the trashcan, took another glance at it, feeling my penis rise in my pants.
"No." I shook my head, holding my hand with the picture in it above the trashcan again, but once again my fingers didn't let go. I stared at the picture yet again, imagining that the lotion had come from me, imagining that she was sliding me between those huge gorgeous tits of hers. My boner was throbbing now.
I dropped the picture and it flipped around and fell to the floor gently beside the trashcan. My heart jumped through its chest as the noise had caught me by surprise. I saw the shadows under the door again.
"I knooowww you'reeee innnn theeeereeee." called a sexy high pitched voice casually before giggling.
My heart was pounding like thunder, standing 10 feet away from a towering sexpot with a thin layer of wood separating us. I heard her turn the doorknob and try to open the door again.
I stood there in utter and complete silence, then I saw the shadows move. I stood in confusion as Polaroid’s began sliding underneath the door left and right, one after the other. There must have been at least 12 of them in my apartment before they finally stopped, and the shadows disappeared. I heard a high pitched giggle echo out in the hallway.
Sitting down on the ground Indian-style I picked up one picture and looked at it.
This one was a picture that was taken from below. The camera peered up underneath Clarissa's short catholic schoolgirl's skirt as she bent over a chair, you could see her tight panties stretched across her cheeks, struggling to contain them. Her long legs seemed to stretch on for miles. I stared at the perfect contours of her ass and then set the picture aside, picking up another one.
The next picture was a close-up picture of her huge smiling face, grinning into the camera with wild eyes. I set it down on top of the previous picture, making a neat stack before picking up another one.
The next picture contained Clarissa's body from the waist up, giving the viewer a side profile of her body in the same blue bikini from earlier. Her mouth was wide open as she stared intently at the banana she was lifting to her mouth with a firm grip on the base. The banana seemed small in her hands.  I set it on top of the others.
The next picture was very strange to me. There was a G.I. Joe stood up on a countertop, with Clarissa's huge face looming inches behind it. Her lips were curved into a big smile, pulled back just enough to show a little bit of her pearly white teeth.
Then another close-up with the same G.I. Joe, only this time it was a close-up of her big soft hand that made a fist around it with just its head, shoulders, and feet poking out of it.
The next was a close up picture of her chest, wrapped in a red one-piece bathing suit that was at least a size too small, showing off how much she filled it out with her ample charms. I was especially taken by this one, feeling my breath quicken and my penis throb.
The next was a headshot of Clarissa's tongue fully extended, lapping at a vanilla ice cream cone.
The next was another shot of her licking at the ice cream cone, only this time her tongue was licking up some vanilla ice cream that had dripped down the side, eyeing the camera suggestively.
The next was a close-up of her big, plush, puckered lips kissing the side of the G.I. Joe's head.
The next was the same G.I. Joe, only she was kissing it between its legs.
The next was a full body shot of Clarissa wearing short shorts white pajama shorts and an extremely tight pajama top that her chest pushed way out so that it didn't touch her skin below her bust, fully exposing her taut belly. You could see her big nipples through the material and she held a teddy bear dangling from her right hand as she looked at the camera with big puppy dog eyes.
The last one was a picture of Clarissa from her neck to her bust, wrapped in a taut black dress that pushed her tits upward. You could see an arm that was stretched out to hold the camera as it took a picture of her gaping rack. Her other hand was pouring a small glass of milk in between her breasts, that splashed against them and slid across the skin of her chest.
My dick was so hard in my pants, I felt unable to control myself. I picked up all the pictures, including the one that I dropped by the trashcan, and headed for my bathroom. I grabbed the tissue box and sat on the floor, laying out all the pictures around me. I wrapped a few tissues around myself and began jacking off without delay. I felt shame well up inside me as I completely gave in to the image of Clarissa.
I imagined myself being the G.I. Joe, the Banana, the Ice cream cone. I imagined being the camera as I stared up at her ass under her skirt, bending over the chair. Then I thought of the picture with the lotion dribbling between her huge tits and I came viciously into the tissues with a moan.
"Ooooohhh." I moaned softly, enrapt in complete pleasure. It didn't last long though. The pictures began to grow around me as the towel on the rack drifted higher above me along with everything else. The toilet grew and expanded, rising up and up, so did the sink.
"No! Nooooo!" I yelled, pounding my fist against the ground.
"SHIT!" I protested out loud.
"Not fucking fair." I said to myself, ashamed at what I had done.
I collected all of the pictures, stood up and went to throw them all out. As I carried them into the living room, I saw a fresh new stack of pictures that had been stuffed underneath the door. This pile was even bigger then the one before.
"Bitch!" I said out loud, tossing the pictures in my hand into the trash before sliding the new pile of pictures towards me to pick them up.
I caught brief glimpses of close up shots of her cleavage in a tight red shirt, body shots of her wearing khaki shorts that barely contained her bulging butt, and more shots of her with the G.I. Joe, this time with it slipped between her breasts, her tit flesh spilling out over it while she held a huge happy grin on her face.
Frantically, I pilled the pictures into my hands and carried them into the trashcan, trying not to look at them. I finally got rid of them all and went into my bedroom to read a book. I read till I drifted off to sleep.
I woke up the next morning having to take a major leak. I walked to the bathroom and began urinating into the toilet. That was when I noticed it. My dick was even bigger. It was much larger in proportion to my body. I turned my hips from side to side to watch it flop against my skin.
"Holy crap, I'm really hung for somebody 4 feet tall." I laughed.
Then reality sunk in.
"But shit, I'm 4 feet tall." I reminded myself with a frown.
I took a shower and prepared for work, finding that my clothes were so baggy it made me look kind of silly. I improvised by cutting my smallest pair of jeans at the bottom, belting them at tight as possible. I took some cotton hang dry shirts and ran them in the dryer on high, shrinking them almost perfectly.
Proud of my efforts, I forgot my confidence as I went out into my living room, seeing another fresh pile of Polaroid’s. Once again I scooped them up and threw them out, stealing glances at the highly erotic photography Clarissa was embellishing me.
I unlocked the door quietly, and opened the door a squeak, peering out into the hallway, checking both directions before closing it behind me. I crept down the halls and took the stairs to be extra stealthy, leaving the building out the backdoor, even though it took longer to walk around. I felt slick.
Going into work wasn't as easy this time. Cheryl noticed I was much smaller right off the bat. I had nothing to worry about though, it wasn't like she was going to turn me in for being really short.
"Boss! What happened to you?" she asked in that withered old voice.
"Well, let's just say I've been feeling down lately." I said sarcastically as
I just walked right past her.
Cheryl was such a nice old lady, she didn't say anything else about it, but
she stared at me in awe, not believing her eyes. She was so tall to me now.
Before this all began, she had only been half a foot taller than me at 5'5",
but now she was a foot and a half taller then me. When I spoke to her, I was
mostly speaking to her chest.
My brain contemplated Clarissa, who I was sure was much taller than Cheryl,
how tall would she be compared to me? I slapped the thought out of my brain
and went throughout my day focused on work. It rained that day and we actually
sold a lot of books. The only downside was getting poured on as I walked home
without an umbrella.
I stealthed through the back entrance of my hotel and up the stairs. On the way up, I ran into Milton who was descending.
"Oh HEY MITCH!" he said excited to see me.
"Hey hey... Milton." I said, trying to match his excitement, though he was actually one of the last people I wanted to see.
"Man, Mitch, are you losing weight?" he commented openly, being careful not to mention my height.
"What are you talking about Milton? Naw, I'm fine. Anyway, I'm in a hurry, sorry to cut the conversation short." I said cutting the conversation and walking quickly passed him.
Milton just stared at me with a quizzical expression on his face. I was more then eager to enter the safety of my apartment as soon as possible.
"What a doof." I thought, ascending to my level.
I peaked out into the hallway before rounding the corner. I walked quietly down the hallway to my room as I heard a door open and shut loudly. My shoulders raised as I quickly grew afraid, but saw it was just some guy I didn't know 3 doors down.
"Hey." he said passing me by. I nodded back at him and continued down the hall.
When I got to my door, I went to unlock it, but discovered it was already unlocked.
"You didn't lock it this morning. You stupid bastard." my inner monologue said.
I creaked open the doorway ever so slowly.
*Creeeeeeeaaaaaak* it uttered as it moved open at a snails pace.
A deathly silence filled the surrounding area. I felt my breath quicken slightly as I took the first step in, hearing the sound of my foot contact with the ground as I placed it down and took another, stepping inside the doorway. Clearing the door, I looked inside my apartment. It was quiet and empty. I exhaled a sigh of relief.
I heard the door creak slowly closed by its own accord, causing my stomach to lurch so hard I thought I might vomit.
*Crreeeeaaaaaaaaak* *Kerplunk*
The door closed shut. I didn't have to turn around, I felt her body heat behind me. I heard the deadbolt lock, the chain rustle as it fastened against the door. Then I heard a footstep and a shadow loomed over me. I heard her deep breaths inhale and exhale slowly behind me. I smelled the sweet smell of perfume that assaulted my nostrils. It smelled like roses. I stood ever so still, frozen in place as I kept listening to her breathe.
The silence was broken by one of her girlish giggles.
"Why, you're even tinier then when I last left you. Why is that I wonder?" she said softly, her tone of voice sounded like she was speaking to a small child.
My mind instantly thought of the shameful act of me masturbating to her pictures. She knew what I had done without me even having said anything. I churned inwardly as I realized she knew exactly the effect her body had on me.
"But you threw out my pictures." she said with a pouting tone, like an upset child.
"Why'd you do that Mitch? Didn't you like them?" she cooed. "Hrmmm?"
I stood in silence, frozen with my heart beating so fast I thought it might explode. My breathe quickened as I felt her take a big footstep behind me, feeling her body brush against the back of mine. Her hands rested on my shoulders as she gently pressed herself against me. I felt my head sink into her torso. My head wasn't even as tall as her chest anymore. It was only when I felt her lower herself slightly that I felt the heavy weight of her chest brush the top of my head, rustling my hair as she wrapped her arms around me. Her body felt so soft against mine, like a giant human pillow. I could almost hear her purring.
"You are SO tiny now. I can hardly believe how cute you look." she giggled excitedly, twisting her body gently left and then right, turning me with her.
I tried to tune her out and plan an escape incase she released me from her hold.
"The fire escape." I thought, "That's my only chance."
"You look as small as my old dog Scruffy. He was so cuddly. I loved him so much." she cooed, apparently remembering fond memories.
"He would always get so frustrated around me, I could tell." she said matter of factly.
"So when my parents weren't around, I would take him in my big hand and stroke his little dick till it squirted all over my hand." she cooed, embellishing me in her story.
"Was she seriously talking about masturbating a dog?" I thought, despite myself I found myself hardening at her story. Regardless, this entirely confirmed my suspicions of her mental stability.
"I loved the way it felt all over my hand, it was so hot and gooey. It would ooze between my knuckles and down my wrist." she squealed and squeezed my chest as she kept talking.
"I had so much fun with Sparky I got addicted to him. I would take him into the shed and play with him all the time, until eventually I was too much for him I guess. I'm not sure, but he started running away from me whenever he saw me. It really hurt my feelings, but I got used to it. I knew he still liked me. Well, maybe he didn't like me, but I know his little penis liked me, and I wanted to play with it, so I would chase him down, carry him into the shed, and tease him until one day, he had a heart attack and died. I was so sad." she said sounding extremely excited before she got to the sad part causing her to sob a bit.
"When we moved here 2 month ago, I knew I had to find a new pet to play with," she said in a childish voice.
"The moment I saw you I KNEW that you were perfect."
"Why am I shrinking?" I interrupted her with my weak small voice that was apparently diminishing with my body size.
"That's for ME to know, and YOU to find out mister." she chided with her high pitched voice playfully, seeming to revel in her games. She seemed like an 18 year-old grown up child that hadn't given up her immature playful nature.
Clarissa's big strong hands began to turn me around to look at her. I took a step back as I looked up, and up, and up at this colossal teenager that towered over me. I was eye level with her upper abdomen. She once again was wearing her school's dress code that was too small for her, only this time, I could see the blue material of a familiar bikini under her thin white shirt.
My eyes widened as I stood there with my boner sticking out of my pants. My heart was still beating 1,000 times a second and my knees were so weak I thought they might buckle as they shaked and wobbled beneath me.
Clarissa smiled down at me, slowly sliding her hands up and unbuttoning the 2nd button from the top slowly, then next, then the next. My knees began to wobble more as she released button after button until her enormous assets were set free, held tightly taut by the deep blue stretched material. Then her chest thrust out proudly forwards as she pealed her shirt off entirely, tossing it aside.
"So... are you feeling frustrated little guy? Huh?" she asked in a high pitched voice like she was talking to a 3 year old.

I bolted. Every ounce of adrenaline coursed through my veins as I ran for my life. My apartment seemed so huge as I ran through it. I jetted into my bedroom and headed straight for the window.
"At my height, I could squeeze through it and go down the fire escape." I thought.
Almost plastering myself against the window, I unlocked it and began to tug on it with all my might. I lurched and lurched, tugging with everything I had, but it didn't move. I heard giggling behind me and turned to see Clarissa's huge form filling the doorway, having removed her skirt, standing in all her glory and that tight blue bikini that glorified every curve on her body. She held a tiny bottle in her hand. She held up the tiny bottle and was wagging it at me, then tossed it at me.
Looking down on it I read the label "Superglue". I reluctantly let go of the window and took a step away from it. I felt my knees weaken as she looked at me hungrily. There was only one way out, and it was through the doorway Clarissa stood in.
Feeling my helplessness, it was amplified as the room shook with Clarissa's slow footsteps that sauntered towards me. I watched her every move as her big heaving breasts wobbled gently with her footsteps, her hips swaying back and forth. I gulped and wiped the sweat from my brow. She walked up to me and bent over, giving me an eyeful of cleavage as she leaned down to inspect me scrunching her face and smiling. Her eyes glowed into mine. She seemed so incredibly happy as she just looked at me for a short while before she stood up and scooped me up under my armpits and tossed me gently onto the bed. I had barely finished bouncing when her huge form was upon me. She was on all fours, crawling up me before she laid her upper body across my legs, resting her head onto stomach, inches away from my hard on. I felt the weight of her huge breasts through the soft material of her bikini pressing into my lower calves and ankles. The weight of her heavy upper body bore down on me. I knew she was far too heavy and strong for a man of my size to deal with.
A cool gust of wind made my penis twitch and Clarissa giggled as she played with her toy. I dared not resist, she was so much bigger then me she could crush me like an ant. There was no escape, I was forced to let her play with me.
"Well this little guy isn't quite as tiny as you now is he Mitch?" she joked, referring to my penis, which looked far too large for a man of my size. Breathing on it with her cheek pressed against my flesh, it twitched again. Then she took a finger and traced it languidly on the underside of the shaft. I thought I might come right then and there, my cock twitched time and time again, causing Clarissa to laugh with her high pitched voice.
"You're excited aren't you?" she cooed at my dick. "Is it 'cause I'm so big?"
"I think you having a big big woman to play with you. Don't you?" she breathed.
"N... No..." I exhaled through a quiver.
"I wasn't talking to you." she said plainly as if I was ignorant.
"Did you hear him interrupt our conversation like that?" she cooed at my penis, giving the underside of my shaft a few pets with the pad of her big soft pointer finger.
"This girl was blatantly out of her mind." I thought to myself, my fear of her increasing with my expanding knowledge of her unbalancedness.
"Mitch up there threw out our pictures, didn't he? Yeah." she sympathized, sliding her finger up and down me, just barely touching me.
"But I know YOU liked them. Yes you did. Yes you did. You're a good boy." She coaxed, stroking her finger up and down.
"Now I'm gonna make you feel sooo good. So so good." she cooed, petting my dick with the palm of her hand, it was all I could take from coming right there.
I felt the heavy weight of her breasts lift off my ankles and calves and slide up my legs. Clarissa grinned up at me with the happy ecstatic grin of a child in bliss. My brain fully accepted that this giant sexpot was borderline psychotic.
"Here we go." she cooed down at my penis, lowering her gaping breasts towards them. My whole body began to shake.
"Oooooo, you're shaking. Look at you." she cooed.
My oversized cock slid gently underneath the thin string of material connecting those cups as she took me between her breasts, squeezing them together with her hands and squashing my dick in between them, completely engulfing them. I exploded instantaneously as her face looked up at me with an open smile of excitement. Her face scrunched up at me and giggled a high pitched girly laugh of ecstasy as she continued to push her breasts together, milking my penis for all it was worth.
"That's it. That's a good boy. Get it all out. It feels so good in there. In between my big big boobs. Yes it does." she cooed.
I saw my seed just barely spill out of her cleavage, the rest of it contained between her massive globes as she slid them up and down me.
I braced myself as I knew what was about to happen.
The patterns on the bedspread expanded and grew in my vision, the pillows grew, the ceiling crept higher, the bed expanded and grew longer.
"Nooo!" I gasped.
"YAY!" she cheered in her girly voice as she lay on top of me, resting her weight on me that grew heavier and heavier as I saw her head slide up my body though she wasn't moving. Her head blew up like a balloon, her lips expanding and growing plusher and sexier. Her whole body inflated with muscle and curvy flesh that made her even sexier in all the right places. I felt her flesh slide against mine as it grew and expanded, it was enough to keep my dick twitching and spasming, even though it was no longer spewing my seed. My hips bucked and humped into the enormous expanse of Clarissa's bosom, she loved every minute of it. I felt her boobs grow and cover more of my body as I was lost in complete ecstasy.
"Oopsie." giggled Clarissa, sitting up from her position lying against my miniature body.
The top of that blue bikini slid off her, exposing her full and proud nipples that were proud and erect. I was struck dumbfound as I gawked at her oversized naked breasts on full display. Clarissa seemed to absolutely bask in the attention I gave to her. She was sliding both her hands up and down my body languidly, smiling as I stared at her chest. We went on like this for 5 minutes at least, with me just staring at her breasts that wobbled as she passed her hands up and down my legs, torso and chest. Her hands were so huge now, they felt incredible against my body.
"I can't believe this is working so well." said Clarissa matter of factly, reaching her arms above her head and stretching, pushing her chest out proudly. Her stomach was now showing muscle definition and ab muscles that looked rather strong, her arms looked more taut and fit too, come to think of it so did her legs. Not only was she taller and bigger, she was more muscular, too.
"I wanna go check something." she said real quick, standing up from the bed and walking off. As she did her finger slid under the back of the stretchy material of her bikini bottom, lifted it back, and snapped it back against her ass, causing it to jiggle slightly before it froze, displaying it's firm muscular tautness. I couldn't take my eyes off her as she walked away.
The second she left the room, I tried to get up. I felt so very weak and tired, I didn't have much strength. I absolutely grunted getting myself to my feet. I picked up a paperweight and threw it at the window, hoping to god it would break.
I had thrown it with all my strength, but the power behind it was a pathetic shadow of what it would have been if I had been fully grown. It hardly even left a crack on the window, just a faint scuff. I sprinted out the bedroom down the hall, but to anyone watching it would have looked like a little kid jogging slowly. I huffed and puffed and got to the front door. My hands shaking, I reached up and up to undo the deadbolt. I twisted the doorknob and pulled it open.
*Kachunk* the door caught on the chain
Frantic, I closed the door and tried jumping up to undo the chain, but it was too high. My fingers just barely grazed underneath it.
*thump *thump* *Thump* *THUMP* *THUMP* *THUMP*
I felt the floor begin to shake beneath my feet and heard footsteps while I kept trying to jump up and undo the chain to no avail.
I was lifted up into the air so fast it felt like my stomach was still close to the ground trying to catch up. I was turned around by two huge hands that wrapped around my torso and handled me as easily as a small child. I was looking forward into the hugest face of any person I had ever seen. Clarissa's head must have been twice the size of mine as it smiled at me.
"You've been a very naughty little boy," she said shaking her head side to side.
"We're just gonna have to make you smaller so you can't run away." she said in her high pitched voice that seemed vibrate my body slightly when it spoke so close to me.
"No... Oh please no..." I pleaded, shaking in her grasp.
Ignoring my plea, I was carried over to the couch in the living room and held to her body as she sat down on it with me in her lap. My head didn't even come up to her naked chest. I felt her giant hands slide across my thighs and cup my flaccid penis. She began fondling me with her soft touch.
"No more Clarissa, please, I'm a shrimp. Don't do this." I cried, but she didn't stop. I felt her lean over a bit, which caused the bottoms of her breasts gently brush the top of my head.
"Hrmmm, this thing seems to be soft." she said, thinking out loud, saying that as if it had never happened before.
I squirmed and turned in her grasp, but she just squeezed me against her body, holding me in place without effort. Her hands continued to fondle me, but I still wasn't getting hard. Perhaps it was because I had orgasmed such a short time ago, or perhaps it was because I was scared shitless.
"Hrrmmpphh." scoffed Clarissa, as if trying to think. I was delighted at this short-lived feeling of triumph over this titaness.
"What's the matter baby?" She cooed down at me, lifting me up and draping me across her naked oversized chest which fully encompasses my upper thighs, crotch and stomach as she draped my head just over her shoulder so she could whisper into my ear.
"Don't you want to help Clarissa get bigger? Hrmmm?" she whispered sexily in that high pitched voice.
"NO!" I yelled.
"Oh... I think my little pet wants to see me get bigger. Bigger and bigger and BIGGER." she announced softly, speaking to me like a toddler.
"NO!" I repeated, feeling Clarissa squirm against me, sliding those heaving breasts across me.
"Oh yeah, so big. And he'll get so small, so tiny. That way I can take care of him. Take care of his every need. ‘Cause he'll be so helpless. Yeah." she cooed down at me as she rocked me against her bosom.
"Please... No!" I yelled, feeling myself hardening against her enormous tit. This caused a peculiar sensation this time, I felt myself becoming weak and tired, just like after my last orgasm. I felt myself going slightly limp in her grasp. I realized the problem might have been that my penis was now really big proportionately to my size as I felt blood rushing into it.
I heard laughing in my ear.
"I can feel that. You like it when I tease you best don't you?" she heckled, giving her breasts an added shake.
"Just imagine it Mitch. I'd be so big I could pick you up like a little baby and cuddle you to my big big breasts. Then I could squeeze your dick in my big huge hands. Oh god, it would feel so good." she continued relentlessly in that baby doll voice, starting to lick me between sentences.
"Just imagine my big hand squeezing you, milking you, lifting you up to my lips to swallow your cum." she stopped to give me ear a long slow lick with her soft wet tongue.
"I love cum." her tongue now speeding up, lapping my ear like a cat and thrusting itself into my ear.
"I love YOUR cum." she told me, kissing my ear and licking my neck.
"All I wanna do is drink your cum." her tongue lapping against me.
"And make you cum all day long, so I can drink your cum and swallow it down my
BIG throat." her tongue finally stopping as I felt her lips smile against my ear, breathing into it heavily.
I grew dizzy as the blood finished pumping into my oversized dick, which was now standing at full salute between my legs, pressed against her naked boob. I couldn't look down to see how big it had gotten in proportion to my body, but it felt enormous.
"That's much better." she chirped, lowering me back into her lap and pressing me into her as her right hand grasped my erection.
Looking down at myself above her huge creamy thighs, I guessed that my penis was exactly the six and a half inches it had always been. It was my new shrunken body that made it seem so huge to me, giving the illusion of growth. I was surprised to see her hand still couldn't completely wrap around the whole length. My head poked out from her fist as she began pumping me up and down.
"Cla...rissa... do... don't.. you..." I stuttered, becoming overcome with arousal.
"There we go... There we go..." she coddled, pumping me faster and faster.
It didn't take long. I exploded into her hand just after she took her other hand, formed an open palm, and held it over the tip of my penis, catching my seed as it dripped off her palm and back onto her other hand. She cooed and coddled into my ear words of encouragement the whole way through.
"Noooooo!" I yelled.
"Yes!" She cackled.
I felt her body sliding upwards across the back of my head, her thighs expanded beneath mine, her hands grew around my engorged penis as it spewed and twitched. She was now squeezing the base of my erection with the top of her other hand just lightly touching the tip of my head, trying to coax out just one last bit of come hopefully. She scoffed as I didn't cough up anymore juice.
"Tsk... Is that all?" she asked frustratedly.
I noticed that her thighs weren't growing when I compared them to the couch. This time she hadn't grown at all, not that she needed to. It was me that was shrinking, and me alone. Clarissa's body was stacked to begin with, and having been blown up on those 2 occasions, her breasts were now a great deal bigger then the double D's she started with, but I had no way of knowing how big exactly
As she let go of my cock and began to tease it with her fingers playfully toying with me, I took in its new size. It hung almost half the way down to my knees, which made me look like some ridiculous porno star in length and girth.
I was lifted into the air so that my deflated penis and ball sack rested in front of her mouth. Her tongue lashed out to lap at my genitalia, cleaning my shaft and balls with her giant mouth. Then she lowered all of me into her. Her warm wet mouth and tongue felt glorious all around me. She pulled me out with a wet popping noise of suction.
Setting my feet down on the couch, Clarissa laughed as my knees buckled and gave and I fell into the couch, crawling gently into a comfortable position.
"Yup, pretty soon you won't be able to function without me, Mitch," she informed me.
I looked up at her big incredible body, judging it to be around twice my size.
"You'll need me to feed you, to bathe you, to keep you clean, to dress you, and to please you. Without me, you'll be a helpless little tiny man." she said dominantly.
"Clarissa, I feel s... so... weak." I said meekly.
"Pretty soon you won't be able to move very much whenever you get an erection. I'm sure you noticed it isn't shrinking with the rest of you. All the blood will rush into it and you'll lose a lot of muscle control. You will be too week to even jack yourself off. Hahaha." she laughed in a psychotically excited manner.
"You'll need me for release. You'll beg me for it." she said, sounding dark and controlling.
"You'll need me for everything. Just imagine it. You getting so small and so helpless. I'll be able to do whatever I want with your tiny body." She announced.
"Oh well, for a shower." she chirped, picking me up, standing, and trotting off to the bathroom.
I marveled at how light I was to her and how easily she controlled me. She grabbed a bag from the bedroom and carried it into the bathroom and set me down on the toilet seat, closing the door.
"Now don't you go running off. If you do I'll just have to punish you," she said with a wink.
Clarissa pealed off that blue bikini bottom and stood before me naked, walking over to turn on the shower, one that looked too small for her. I was guessing her to be around 6'6 or so. She tested the water with her hand as it cascaded down, then climbed in.
I watched in awe as she soaped down all of her curves. Her body was the most exquisite female form I had ever laid eyes on, and from my shrunken perspective, it was bloated out of proportion to be almost uncomprehendable. My brain wanted to explode.
Soon she finished, and came out of the shower dripping wet. I drooled as I watched her shiny body grab a towel and rub herself down. It was a highly erotic display to see her passing that large towel up and down her thighs, over her heaving naked breasts, up and down her toned and muscled arms. She rubbed her hair with vigor and folded the towel back up and draped it nicely on the rack.
Reaching into her black bag, Clarissa first pulled out a pair of black satin panties that looked to be a perfect size for her Amazonic body. She stood up and grinned at me as she stretched them out in her hands before stepping into them and sliding them up her legs. Then she reached back into her bag and pulled out a matching black satin bra. Watching her fasten and adjust it into place was an incredible sight indeed, the flesh at the tops of her breasts jiggled as she cupped the bra her hands, adjusting it against her and pushing her cleavage upwards.
Stopping for a moment, she looked down to admire her form in her underwear, looking over at me with a sly grin, raising her eyebrows up and down once as she posed with her hands on her hips.
Clarissa continued to dress and pulled out a clean new white shirt that was her school's uniform. She slid her arms into it and began to button it up, leaving the top 3 buttons open so that I could see her cleavage. Then she fished out one of her blue and green plaid skirts and put that on as well. Apparently she had purchased a larger size, but after growing again earlier today, it now looked too small for her as it had the day before when she had given me a blowjob.
I didn't understand how she had grown after making me cum between her tits on the bed, but she didn't when she had forced my orgasm with her hand on the couch. The only consistency was that I was shrinking and my dick wasn't. I was entirely confused about the whole process and it made no sense to me as I attempted to figure it out. I wanted answers. I boggled these things in my mind, but was snapped out of it when Clarissa finished dressing and got down on her knees.
With me on the toilet and her kneeling before me on her knees, she was still taller then me. I gazed forward at her chin and lips as her white perfect teeth displayed themselves to me in a big fat smile of childish glee. She was pulling her arms back behind her head and doing something with her hair, which caused her chest to lurch forwards toward me, heaving with her breaths just below my vision. I stared down at the shamelessly, not taking my eyes off them as the inflated and deflated with each giant breath, her cleavage swelling and falling, swelling, and falling.
"Ok Mitch. I have to get home soon before Daddy comes home." she chirped in her high pitched voice. I looked up to see she had done up her hair in those devilishly cute pigtails.
"Oh... ok." I said, trying to hide my glee at the thought of her leaving me alone.
"Finally? Finally she's going to leave? No way I was that lucky." I thought to myself. I turned out to be right.
"So I want to milk you one last time before I go home." she whispered.
"But I'm tired Clarissa. How about we call it a day?" I said meekly, feeling intimidated by the large size of her head and chest, looming so close above me. I feared she would descend on me and gobble me up she looked so huge.
Clarissa didn't respond, she just shook her head from side to side in silence, her smile grinning from ear to ear with her lips closed.
Clarissa's head was twice the size of mine as it lowered towards my lower abdomen. When it was inches away from my thighs and crotch, she looked up into my eyes, grabbed my hands into hers and whispered.
"Now I'm gonna show you why they call them handle bars." she informed me, lifting my hands gently up onto her pigtails. Her hands squeezed mine into fists around the base of her pigtails and held them there as her mouth descended against my huge limp penis.
"Oooooooooooo God." I moaned, feeling her lips begin to mouth at me and kiss my flaccid penis, her hands still gripping me to her pig tails.
Then Clarissa went from gentle and slow to ravenous and wild like an animal. Her mouth dived into my crotch and her tongue lashed out and lapped at my shaft, head and balls like it was a contest. My breath quickened instantly and I felt myself stiffening already.
I listened to the sound of my heart speed up as my chest began to expand and contract with the increased pace of my breathing. I felt those big plush lips of hers take my head between them and kiss at my head over and over again causing loud kissing and smacking noises to fill the air before her whole mouth descended upon me.
"N... N... Nooo... S... Stop!" I yelped, gripping her pigtails as hard as I could, I felt her hands leave mine to begin sliding up and down my naked thighs. I dare not let go of her hair as her head bobbed up and down violently between my legs.
"Mmmmmmrrrrffff." I heard her vocal chords vibrate with her mouth full.
"Mmmmmmmmmmmm." she cooed, moaning with arousal as she devoured my manhood.
The blond hair of her head bounced and sloshed around as I gripped her pigtails for life as my manhood was sticking straight up and throbbing in no time. This caused that familiar feeling of weakness as all my blood rushed into my engorged penis, only this time it was even stronger.
"Cla... Rissa... Don't.. P... Please." I stuttered.
"Mmmmmmmmm." her loud moans echoed, vibrating my dick as she hummed against it.
The technique her mouth and tongue used on me was absolutely expert. I felt myself teetering on the edge of orgasm.
"MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." her last moan stretched on and on, vibrating my throbbing pole like an electric sex toy.
I felt myself get pushed over the edge. It was way beyond any form of control I had to stop her. The pleasure she caused me was simply overpowering.
"Mmmmmmmmmm..." she vibrated again, this time the pitch of her voice raising to a high pitched moan of approval as she tasted my seed sliding out my head.
The giant head bobbing in my lap did not slow down for even a second. In its weakened state, I felt my body getting jerked around like somebody on a mechanical bull as I struggled to find the strength to hold onto her pigtails. As I shot load into her mouth, my grip faded and my hands could no longer hold on. Just as I let go, I felt Clarissa's big soft hand palm the back of my head, catching it and holding up as if she had been prepared for that minutes in advance.
I lay there limp in her hands, the flow of my semen slowing to a halt, feeling my body course with pleasure as the enormous vixen between my legs finally began to slow her pace, her lips passing up and down my deflating shaft at a painfully slow rate, taking 10 seconds to go all the way down, then all the way back up. I felt myself lurch a few times at her change of pace.
I looked down at her lips passing up and down my shaft, I saw her eyes open and gaze into mine like a psychotic killer looking into the peephole of a door just as you do. My body shook and jerked as her teeth lightly grazed my erection as she gave me a crooked grin.
"Oh yeah." she said, her voice muffled by my large penis as she reveled in the sight of me shrinking that had already begun.
The lips and mouth wrapped around my dick didn't feel like they were expanding, but I saw that they were growing bigger and bigger. This was because my dick managed to, once again, stay at the same size. I saw her seductive grin slowly expand in my vision, as did her nose, eyes, and hair. Her gorgeous head seemed to grow and grow and grow as I shrank and shrank and shrank. The toilet seat grew and grew underneath me, causing my ass to slide against the hard surface of it. The sink on my left lifted higher above me and the tiles on the wall stretched to a new size.
I panted in fear and weakness, having trouble moving much. I knew I had lost a lot that time.
*Pop* the sound of my dick slipping from the suction of Clarissa's lips.
"Oooohhhhh Yeeeahhh. That was a GOOD one. Hahahaha." she laughed in her high pitched girly voice that sounded like it was speaking through a megaphone as it spoke so close to me.
My breathing was so heavy that I couldn't get all the oxygen I would have wanted. Clarissa lifted up my body like a limp rag doll, cradling it with her huge soft hands.
I almost threw up with the sensations of vertigo from being lifted so quickly. I gazed at the sheer size of her heaving breasts from my new perspective as my head was brought closer and closer to them. I peered into the plunging neckline between those two massive mammaries as they inched towards me. I knew my limp helpless body would be squashed against them.
"Shhhhhhhhhh." I heard a voice echo ever so softly as I drifted off into darkness.
Everything went black.

The material beneath and around me was so soft and comforting. I woke up in a huge soft bed wearing a pair of toddler's fire truck underwear and a tiny white T-shirt that fit me rather well. I looked up at the lacey frilly pillows and saw 3 Teddy bears carefully placed on top of them so they were all sitting up. The sheets below me had flowers on them. I was in an extremely feminine room. Everything about it was girly. The walls were covered in pink wallpaper with flowery designs of tulips and roses and dainty patterns. There was a jewelry box on the dresser, a large mirror, and a music box. The smell of roses in the air was pungent. The room smelled like Clarissa.
Everything was so huge, the biggest teddy bear on the bed even seemed to be as big as me. I guessed I couldn't have been much more than 2 feet tall. I looked down and saw my disgusting penis hanging two thirds of the way down to my knees. I shook my hips a bit and watched it wobble, both in awe and disgust.
"What kind of a person would do this to somebody?" I asked myself.
"Clarissa? Are you home?" I heard Milton's voice boom outside approaching Clarissa's room.
Panic instantly washed over me and my survival instincts kicked in, I rolled off the bed to the side far from the door and dropped to the floor softly.
*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*
"Clarissa?" Milton asked right outside the door.
I rolled my body underneath the lacy covering of the bed that almost touched the floor. I bumped into some kind of folder as I slid across the carpet, but the noise I made was hardly audible even to me.
*Creeaaaaaak* I heard the door open slowly.
"Clarissa?" repeated Milton's doofy voice. I lay perfectly still under the bed.
*Creeaaaak* *Kaclick* the door shut softly.
I looked at the folder I had bumped into under the bed that was half the size of my body. It had the words "Trexiclin 520 Test Subject #1" written across it in big black permanent marker. I pushed it out from under the bed. Once out from underneath the bed, I opened the huge front of the folder to see a stack of papers, some of them having Polaroid’s attached to them. I looked at the first page of the stack.
[Day 1,] it read. I stared with wonder at the first Polaroid as was a picture of what appeared to be a younger, smaller, version of Clarissa. I couldn't tell how old she was, but she didn't seem nearly as tall as when I had first met her. She was standing next to a bulldog that was white with brown spots and she smiled into the camera.
[Project initiation date 8-23-2004] I read from the upper right corner.
"Wow," I thought, "that was less than a year ago."
"THERE you are." I heard Milton's voice say outside in another room.
"Hi daddy!" I heard Clarissa's soft voice chirping.
Hearing her nearby made me cringe in fear, but I was compelled to read this file, suspecting it to be important.
[Today I inoculated the test subject and found that the predicted results occurred. The subject seems to have lost around 12% of its original body mass everywhere except for its penis and testicles. I was surprised to observe how much mass I gained, growing roughly 3 inches in height, and gaining 17 pounds in weight.]
I turned the first page over and looked at the next one. The top was labeled [Day 2]. I glanced down at the Polaroid to see that Clarissa was indeed about 3 inches taller. Not only was she taller, but she did seem bigger in all the right places, her girlish teen chest was now a bit heftier, having gone from a B-cup to somewhere around a C, maybe even a bit bigger I dunno. It was hard to tell from just the photo. Regardless it was easy to discern that she had grown all throughout her body.
"I was just in Mommy's lab, Daddy." said Clarissa's voice softly and sweetly, her voice being heard gently through the walls.
"Oh, right, of course." replied Milton, pretending to know everything about his daughter.
"I think you should..." their conversation was a bit muffled to hear all of it. I turned my interest back to the file as I suspected they were moving further away from the room I was in.
[After the second inoculation, I experienced the same growth in mass as I had from the first. Subject shrank seemingly the same amount as the last time as well.]
I looked down at the photograph to see Clarissa as I had known her from the very first day I met her. She stood beside her now shrunken dog with her brand new DD cup chest thrust proudly in a thin white T-shirt. You could see her nipples through the T-shirt if you looked closely, but I decided it'd be a bad time to get distracted and turned the page.
[Day 3, the subject continues to shrink as you can see. In this picture it is readily evident that its genitals show no sign of reduction. Its loss of mass seems to be consistent being roughly 12-13% of its original body mass. The experiment seems to be going well, although today I gained no mass and I cannot discern why.]
I began flipping through the pages left and right, seeing Clarissa's dog get smaller and smaller, while she remained at the size she was in the 2nd picture. She sure loved her dog alright, several pictures were of her coddling it to her huge bosom as it tried to squirm away from her grasp with a look of panic on its face. The disgusting part was that the dog's privates never shrank, making it look more than bizarre. I flipped all the way to the 8th sheet, the last one in the first stack of papers..
[Day 8, Today my experiment ends. The subject seems to have stopped shrinking now, ending with his genitals being roughly a little less than half his entire body mass. I don't fully understand why he stopped shrinking, but there appears to be a plateau. All in all the experiment has been a great success.]
I turned to the next page.
[Scientific Conclusions/Questions: I still don't understand why the inoculations only made me grow twice or why the subject eventually stopped shrinking.]
[Side Effects: An unexpected side effect included extreme muscle fatigue whenever the subject became aroused. Apparently this is caused by the re-location of the subject’s blood into the genitals. Other side effects included increased sensitivity of the penis and dizziness. These are only the short term side-effects, there may be long term ones that I am so far unaware of.]
I turned to the next page.
[Trexiclin 520 Applicator Details and Instructions]
I glanced down the page to see diagrams of what was some kind of liquid-gel applicator. There were diagrams on how to use it too. Inoculation was performed by applying the gel to one's skin, which would then have to rub against the male organ before making it ejaculate. One could use their hands, mouth, lips, feet, whatever, it wasn't important. The gel lasted an hour or two after applying it.
I flipped through the rest of the file and came across a news paper article in the very bottom of the stack of papers that was dated 9 months ago.
[Clarissa Huckleberry, the daughter of the famous 1997 Hudson's Prize Winner Myrtle Huckleberry has been taken under the care of a mental institution after using herself as a test subject in a dangerous scientific experiment. Ms. Huckleberry seems to have suffered severe mental damage and has become highly unstable. Once a bright promising young mind the world expected to see extraordinary things from, Ms. Huckleberry has regressed into what can only be described as a grown up child. Ms. Huckleberry's parents feel confident that they can find a cure and assist her in recovery, but medical authorities claim her brain to have been permanently damaged.]
This article did nothing to comfort me. I dropped it in the file, closed it and shoved it back under the bed.
I heard footsteps approaching and froze underneath the bed, hiding in the shadows.
*Creeeeeaaaak* *Kaclick* the door of Clarissa's room opened and close, the footsteps were coming closer, whoever it was was right next to me.
I saw the underside of the bed that was the ceiling above me cave downwards as a large weight settled onto the bed above, causing the springs in the bed to let out a soft creaking sound.
Being as silent as I could be, I didn't move a muscle. The silence lasted a few minutes, but it seemed like an eternity to me as I cowered in the shadows under the bed in fear. Most likely, Clarissa was lying on the bed above me. Clarissa the mental patient, Clarissa the bloated overgrown sex goddess with a mind that had a 13 year old's maturity level and an 18 year old genius intellect. I wasn't even sure what exactly was wrong with her. All I knew is that the experiment had messed her up. No doubt using the Trexiclin 520 again as me as her subject was not a smart move on her part.
"I knoooow your innnnn heere." her voice said softly and sexily.
Already I was fighting sexual thoughts. She hardly had to speak and sex would just shoot into my mind. I began combating recent memories with my brain, fighting not to think about the time I held onto her pigtails with her huge head in between my legs, trying not to think about the time she brought me to orgasm almost effortlessly between those huge breasts of hers, and absolutely trying not to remember the time she made me cum so violently between those plush lips of hers.
"Do you like you're new room? You're going to live with me now." her high pitched voice spoke above me.
"Oh I'm so so happy, Mitch. We're all alone, you and me. This is my dream come true. I have you all to myself. Now I can play with you all day. Take care of you. Oh god, it's almost too much." her girly voice squeaked with utter and complete joy. There was no doubt that she was both mad, and truly as ecstatic about kidnapping me as she was expressing. I heard her tremendous body shift, causing the springs to squeak gently as her weight shifted.
"I have no chance of escaping." I thought to myself.
"No chance at all." my mind echoed.
"If I run for the door right now, she'll grab me. I'm far too short to open the door and there's no way I could get a footstool in time." my mind contemplated.
I crawled to the other side of the bed closer to the door and peered underneath the lacy material of the bed to see into the room, peering across the carpet that seemed like it stretched on and on and on. Seeing all of the room's furniture and objects, I judged my top sprinting speed would seem like an infant's.
Hearing the springs creak once again, an enormous up side down head appeared instantaneously in front of me as fast a serial killer leaps around a corner to surprise an unknowing victim. My whole body jerked and I banged my head on the underside of the bed, causing me to fall face first into the carpet in agony. I felt hands covering my whole torso as they wrapped around me and slid me out from underneath the bed, causing a slight rug burns on my legs. I felt air pass by me and rush against my skin I was lifted around effortlessly, feeling the change in height and position as I was plopped down onto a bed face first right below on of those huge pillows. I bounced up and down a bit and ended up with my face plastered into the soft white flowery sheet material, causing my vision to be dark until I turned my head to the right to see a white wall and 2 or 3 feet of the bed. I pushed myself up with my arms and rotated onto my back and looked the other side to see the most terrifying sight I had ever seen.
Strewn across the expanse of the couch was Clarissa's enormous curvy body propped up on one elbow peering down at me. Wearing her school uniform, her tight white button down shirt was wrapped tightly around her chest with just the top few buttons unbuttoned, giving me a eyeful of the top of her cleavage being squished together, as they bulged out of her top, large in proportion to her titanic body as they fell gracefully onto the bed to my right. Her huge enormous head was directly to my right looming above me as I listened to her breath and watched her chest rise and fall, rise and fall. Her legs were bent up sexily far below me, showing off a great deal of those creamy thighs from underneath her skirt. I felt myself becoming aroused despite my terror that caused my body to shake and quiver slightly.
"There you are." Her high pitched voice echoed throughout the room and my body. She placed a huge finger on my chest and began tracing circles on it playfully, my eyes still glued to that heaving chest of hers.
"He he," she giggled, "You're staring down my top, Mitch. Do you like what you see?" she cooed sweetly down at her toy, her finger sliding up and down my torso and across my arms, playing with me.
"Please... Stop..." I stammered, my voice shaking with fear.
"Stop what, Mitch?" she chirped playfully, taking purposefully deep breathes. I couldn't take my eyes off her chest, they were positively hypnotic as they rose and sank, rose and sank, rose and sank.
"You..." I began before I felt it. I felt my body tingling, my muscles growing weaker as the blood rushed into my loins.
"Oh, No!" I gasped, causing Clarissa's booming girly voice to chuckle above me,
still lightly tracing her pointer finger across my chest.
"What's wrong, Mitch?" she asked innocently as her finger lifted up from my body and gracefully began to unbutton her shirt, popping free a few straining buttons, revealing all of the gaping cleavage that was bursting out of her bra as her body surrounded my right side.
"Oh, god." I gasped, feeling more and more of that weird tingling feeling. My hard on seemed to drain my body of it's vital energy as it thickened between my legs and began to rise under my fire truck underwear. I already felt like I could hardly lift my arm.
"No! Stop!" I yelped, pushed myself up but not raising more then 3 inches before a big soft palm placed itself firmly on my chest and torso, spanning it entirely as it effortlessly held me pinned to the bed. Using her left arm to prop herself up on her elbow, she used her left hand to hold me still while her other hand traced her index finger down her neck, slowly drawing big circles above her breasts before it gently slid across the very tops of her bulges teasingly.
"Do you like looking at them?" she cooed. I simply breathed heavily into the air.
"Ohhhhhh," she cooed "Look at how hard I'm making you." she informed me as her finger slid gently between the very top of her cleavage, then sliding back up out to her neck, then sliding back between and rubbing it around in small circles between those huge heaving tits that were bulging out of her bra.
"Don't..." I gasped, so much blood was gone, and I was so aroused, speaking was more than an effort.
Clarissa laughed and brought her soft finger up to my manhood that was pointing straight up into the air and gently ran her touch from the bottom of the shaft to the underside of the head before withdrawing. This caused me to rise to a full salute. She yanked my underwear off and tossed them across the room and I was aghast at how huge my penis was. It must have reached all the way to my sternum, and was thick and red. She unexpectedly tore my small T-shirt slowly up the middle and pealed it off me.
I saw her lips lower close to my penis, pursing their soft red lushness to blow a soft gust of wind on it, sending a shiver down my spine and making her giggle playfully. She blew another gust at it, making it twitch, then another, laughing each time at my reaction. She seemed to like to stare at my penis, as if mesmerized by it, but she was almost as fond at staring at my face to read my reactions, seeming to revel in my arousal.
"There. Doesn't that feel good? Hrmmm?" she cooed down at me like she was speaking to a baby.
"D... Don't..." My mouth was full of air as I tried to speak.
I felt massive weight shift off of the bed as Clarissa stood up. I stared at her huge body as it walked over to her dresser, opened a drawer, and pulled out a clear bottle and sauntered back over.
Struggling in my position, I couldn't really muster the strength to lift my body up. I could sort of turn it slightly from side to side and lift my arms up a bit, and my legs could move around slightly, but that was about it. I stared up at the enormous dick that was attached to me and cursed it for being the source of my weakness.
"This is disgusting. I must look like a human dildo." I thought to myself, feeling shame and pity welling up inside me for being so helpless.
I bounced on the bed slightly as Clarissa settled her weight back onto it in the exact same position.
*Snap* the sound of a bottle opening. Clarissa sat up and squirted some oil in between those great bulging breasts of hers before lying back down next to me.
"Look Mitch. I made a mess." she whispered as she began rubbing the oil all over the cleavage of her breasts as they were squashed together.
"Ooooo, that feels nice. Look at that." she cooed, smearing the oil all over her, making her bosom shine and reflect light as her hand slid smoothly over and between them.
Clarissa didn't bother using her hand to pin me to the couch anymore, she knew I couldn't move.
"Gosh, now my hand is all slippery Mitch." she said innocently, her eyes bearing down on me with a huge grin as her fist wrapped around my giant stiffy, pumping it once up and down ever so slowly before stopping. I felt myself shudder, my orgasm already building.
"This was Sparky's favorite part." she whispered, her hand passing up and down me again. I felt cool oil being squeezed onto my massive erection from above as her hand pumped against me again painfully slowly, smearing the oil into me.
I squirmed and flailed, causing my arms to lift mere inches off the floor.
"See? You're too weak now. You need me to do it for you." she said matter of factly in an immature tone.
All of a sudden, her fist sped up, very fast. It began to pump and pump and pump against me.
"Oohhh." I gasped, my breath quickened to the point that it sounded like I was running a marathon.
Clarissa's voice cooed and coddled above me, giggling between her words of encouragement.
"Ohhhhh shhhiitttt!" I yelled, her fist quickly bringing me to the verge of orgasm.
The sloshing wet noises of the oil on my dick stopped all of a sudden, her hands letting go of me and tracing her fingers up and down my legs. I lurched as I had been denied orgasm.
"Uuuugghhh!" I yelped, causing Clarissa to giggle again, smiling down at me, those shiny breasts expanding and contracting beneath me under her tight white shirt. Her own arousal was obvious as she breathed heavily in her shirt, her eyes twinkling with excitement as she played with her toy.
Clarissa waited a moment and then traced her finger up and down the underside of my shaft languidly. It felt incredibly stimulating. She would linger at the spot right below my head, tracing circles around it with her slippery oily finger. Pretty soon her hand began to pump me slowly again, filling the air with the mushy noise of her oily ministrations. Her hand was moving so slowly against me that it took 10 seconds to slide all the way up and down my shaft. Pretty soon it began her super fast technique against, pumping the life out of me in her firm grip. Feeling my orgasm quickly pulse, her hand instantly slowed back down, passing up and down me painfully slow once again. Then it sped up again, bringing me to what I finally thought would be my orgasm, only to let go of my completely and coo down at me.
"This... Is... Not... Right..." I panted, this made her giggle with joy as her fingers began to trace up and down my length again, blowing purses of wind down at me.
Laying partially paralyzed against the bed, Clarissa stopped touching me all together, watching me with a fixed intense gaze like she was watching the most suspenseful movie she had ever seen, obviously enthralled with what was happening. I squirmed gently under her gaze, both unable to escape this giantess, and unable to finish myself off.
"Ohhh look at you squirm, you're so CUTE." she coddled, touching my cheek with one of her huge oily fingers.
The oil smeared on my face. I managed to muster all my strength to barely wipe it off with my hand. I lifted my hands to my enormous penis and tried to touch it but my strongest exertion of strength felt more pitiful then even Clarissa's faintest touch. Clarissa saw what I was trying to do and stared down at me with a huge open mouthed smile, relishing in her moment of triumph. She knew it was over, she had complete and utter control over me.
"Awwww, poor baby." she said sweetly, lowering those big wet lips down to the head of my dick and planting a long, soft, lingering kiss with an audible smack. My dick twitched and pulsed in the air.
I moaned that sounded half like a moan of pleasure, but half like the whine of a child. I felt those big oily hands wrap around me again. This time she slid slowly up to the tip of my dick, opened a gap between her middle and ring finger, and slid my length back down between them, squeezing me between her knuckles. Her hand ever so slowly passed all the way back up and she grabbed my head like a doorknob, passing her fingers over the top and sliding it between her pointer and middle finger this time, once again squeezing it between her knuckles on the way down. All the while she searched my face, noticing when I cringed, when I shuddered, observing my look of pleasure and extreme frustration.
Her body was still breathtaking. My eyes scanned her bulging curves as she stroked me and teased me, knowing that her pace was too slow to make me come. Her hand would stop stroking me and slide her fist around just the head for a while before sliding me back down between her two knuckles. She pursed her lips down at me and whispered "Boohoo’s and "Ahhhh"s, making "O" shapes with her lips and parting them seductively. Sometimes she would slide her tongue across her lips, wetting them and making them shine.
"I did this to Sparky for 2 and a half hours once." She announced, like it was some form of accomplishment rather than sadistic sexual torture. I was quickly beginning to fully understand how and why Sparky had a heart attack and died. I pondered if I might share a similar fate.
"Stah.... Puh..." I choked on my own words.
"Huh?" she joked in her high pitched voice.
"Stah... Puhh... Puh... Lease..." I uttered pathetically.
"Hrmmm..." she pondered with a finger to her lips, stopping her ministrations.
"What is it, Mitch? Do you want to cum? Is that it?" she asked innocently.
Allowing me the grace of recovery, it began to be easier to speak.
"Please, I don't want to get smaller." I whined.
Clarissa rolled her eyes, "Oh please, it's a LITTLE late for that don't you think? Besides, you won't shrink much more after this time. I would make you smaller if I could, but I don't know how yet." she spoke in her girlish voice.
The words "yet" struck me, but I tried to stay on target, not knowing how long
she would have mercy on me.
"Please, please don't make me cum." I begged.
"Newp, soon you'll be begging me to make you cum." she quipped.
"You bitch!" I yelled, furious with my tormenter. The strange thing was she didn't seem the slightest bit offended. In fact she seemed pleased with my words as her mouth cracked into a toothy grin.
My body shook as her hand descended on me once again, torturing me with her slow knuckle masturbation. I heard the sound of oily skin contact as her huge hand squished and squeezed my seemingly giant head and shaft. She gripped almost the entire shaft in her hand and began rubbing her thumb back and forth right underneath the underside of my head.
"Beg me, Mitch. Beg me and I might let you cum." she whispered sexily.
"No!" I yelled with effort.
"Suit yourself." she said apathetically, her hand began pumping faster and faster and faster until it was almost a blur as it passed up and down my dick.
"Oh shit oh shit oh shit." I thought to myself, cringing at what I knew was about to happen.
"Fuh... K..." I whined, feeling my orgasm teetering already, then the hand slowed down to its slow knuckle technique.
"UUUuuuuuuugggghhhhhhhhrrr!" I gritted through my teeth, having been denied orgasm once again.
Once again the oily hand sped up against me to a super fast pace, stopping just seconds after it started, slowing down once again.
"Hhuuuuuuurrrrrrr!" I grunted, feeling my orgasm teeter on the edge then be brought back by her withdrawal.
Clarissa's head lowered to my dick and her tongue slipped out between her lips and pressed itself down against her chin like a little girl showing you what she had ate as she eyed me with evil intentions. She lowered her mouth so that it was inches away and then gave me one big long slow lick from my balls to my head before she once again withdrew.
"Ffffffffuuuuuuuuccccckkkk!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Clarissa laughed hysterically, fully coming to realize her power over me.
"Beg me, Mitch. Beg me and you can have it all. You can cum anywhere you want, I'll even let you choose. Just beg me to let you cum." she commanded, looking down at a facial expression that dared me to defy her.
"Never, Bitch!" I yelled, making her crack another big smile.
Once again her head lowered down and gave me another slow lick all the way up my shaft and balls. Then her tongue lapped at my enormous testicles, bouncing and juggling them before sliding all the way up my shaft once again.
The timing she had down. It was almost too perfect. I felt my cock twitch and pulse as I thought she might have accidently pushed me over the edge, but my penis stopped and nothing came out of the head. I lay on the bed panting, my breathes reminded me of when I had to run the mile in high school.
"Stop... Please... Stop..." I pleaded. She just shook her head playfully before her tongue slid against me once again, this time stopping at my head to undulate sexily against it. My orgasm approached and she withdrew with a seductive smile.
"Rrruuuuhhhh!" I screamed.
This was too much, I grunted and groaned as she denied me release again and again and again. Eventually I caved.
"FINE!" I gasped, feeling her tongue on me again. "Let... Me..." I panted, "Cum! Puh... Lease..."
Clarissa's head lifted up and beamed down at me in utter and complete joy, a twisted look in her eye as she began to pant herself. I saw the nipples penetrate her bra and shirt as they stiffened.
"Ooooooohhh." she moaned softly. "But you have to beg me, Mitch! Beg me!" she breathed, easing off my penis to allow me to talk.
"I'm... Begging you... Please let me cum. I don't care where, just let me come." I cried like a kid in a toy store doing his best to get its parents to buy a toy, only sounding even more desperate.
"Tell me you're helpless." She commanded, her breasts heaving with her increased arousal, causing her chest to rise and fall more heavily as she looked down at me from her position at my side.
"I'm helpless." I stated plainly.
"Tell me that you're so so weak and helpless and that you NEED me to get you off." she commanded.
"I'm so so weak and helpless and I need you to get me off." I responded indefinably.
I would have cursed the grave of my fallen ancestors if she had asked me to.
"Tell me you would do ANYTHING for me to make you cum." she commanded.
"I would do ANYTHING for you to make me cum." I responded.
"Tell me you'll be my plaything forever and ever." she ordered.
"I'll be your plaything for ever and ever." I reluctantly replied.
I saw the weight of those tremendous breasts slide gently towards me, bringing them even closer to my head as she brushed her blond hair back behind her shoulder, providing me a better view.
"So... Mitch..." she whispered, a finger tracing down her neck across her cleavage slowly and sexily. I lay there stunned in silence.
"Where is it you want to cum? Hrmmm?" she asked softly in her high pitched voice, her finger now sliding in between those bulging breasts. I watched aghast as her cleavage swallowed her finger before it slid slowly back out, then back in, then back out, then back in. out, in, out, in. All this while she arched her back a big beside me.
"I... think..." I began, my eyes glued to her finger.
Staring at me intently, her finger slid up her neck, across her cheek and slid up across her lips that pouted before opening slightly to allow her big tongue to slide out across her finger before she stuck it into her mouth. Sucking on her finger, she gave me a mock look of ecstasy as she pulled it slowly back out, making loud sucking noises as she did.
"What's it gonna be, Mitch?" she asked throatily as she lifted her skirt up far below my feet showing me her thick tanned thighs underneath, rubbing her palm up and down them.
"You can cum anywhere on my body. ANYWHERE. All you have to do is say where." she whispered, sliding her palms up her stomach and across her chest, giving her right breast a hearty squeeze, cooing in pleasure.
"Your," I gulped "Breasts."
There was no response, she only grinned and slid her bosom across the bed the short distance it took for it to be upon me. I stared in awe as they appeared to get bigger and bigger until they brushed against my side.
"Oooohh." I moaned in pleasure as the brushed against me, sliding across my body slowly until I felt the material on my tremendous penis.
Feeling my orgasm build quickly, it began approaching even faster as I felt her flesh squashing against me through the material of her bra and shirt. Clarissa pushed her chest up into my dick, flattening her breasts against me, pressing my member up against my torso hotly. She began humping me with her chest ever so gently, making sure not to put too much weight on me, but she still felt really really heavy. As she fell into a slow gentle roll on top of me, my orgasm was already approaching the level she had pushed me too time and time again earlier. I began to cringe thinking she might pull away again.
"Ohh, God. Clarissa, you're sooo big," I moaned, feeling my engorged dick sliding against the slick soft material of her shirt and against the bare flesh of her cleavage that engulfed me.
"Huuuuuuu..." I whined, on the verge of orgasm.
It didn't take more than 30 seconds and Clarissa never sped up, she knew she wouldn't have to. I let go of everything in the center of her heaving clothed bosom.
"Aaaaarrggghhhh!!!" I screamed on the top of my logs, feeling what had to have been the most explosive orgasm she had ever given me due to the fact that she had built me up for so long. Since the head of my dick was at my sternum, some of the semen sprayed up and splattered on my chin, face and chest as it spewed between her rolls. As her weight pressed back down against me, her tits would engulf it, causing the goo to splatter on her chest. Then as she lifted up again to roll into me with her gentle ministrations, more cum leaked out onto my chest, then she engulfed it again. I felt the material of her shirt get wet with my hot stick goo as she continued to work me so softly with the tremendous weight of her chest, coddling and comforting me the whole way through.
"There we go. That's it. Just like that. Doesn't that feel better? All you had to do was ask." she cooed down at me in a baby doll voice.
I sputtered and spat semen from my mouth as my face was substantially covered with it. It was really nasty, but I was lost in so much pleasure as I spasmed against the expanse of Clarissa's tits, I didn't care.
The large heaving chest that was pressed into me finally slid down my legs as Clarissa's huge tongue began lapping at all the semen that had shot up at me. I felt her tongue on my face, wetting it as the rough, but tender tool cleaned me off. As it slid down my chin and onto my chest, I felt it growing bigger. I felt all of Clarissa growing bigger against me as I shrank. The flowers on the sheets expanded, the pillows rose above me a little higher. Despite my massive orgasm, I didn't feel like I shrank too much that time, believing myself to have finally reached my smallest size made possible by the Trexiclin 520.
I was still spasming in pleasure as Clarissa's tongue continued to clean me off lovingly. Her mighty tongue slid up and down my shaft to make sure I was extra clean before she rose her torso up into the air, sitting on the bed. I was in awe as her massive form was raised above me and she looked down at me over her incredible bosom that was coated and caked with my load. There was a huge wet spot on her shirt, and her naked cleavage was glistening. Clarissa seemed to notice me looking and arched her back, stretching her arms into the air, allowing me to stare. I was simply taken by her, her size was simply awe inspiring.
"You're such a good little boy. Look at the nice big mess you made." She pointed out, squeezing her breasts together.
I lay there breathing, feeling absolutely fantastic. My cock was finally deflating and I looked forward to being able to move my limbs again.
"You REALLY like looking at them don't you Mitch? I can tell." she whispered, lowering herself back down on her side, placing those breasts inches away from me so that they filled my vision. I stared down at them without a thought, watching them rise and expand, still shining with my juices.
"That's right. Stare at them. I like that." she whispered, her hands petting my tiny head softly like a cherished pet.
"We're going to do this all the time Mitch. All day, every day. I'm going to play with you and make you cum all over my body. Sometimes I'll let you even choose where, but I like to be the one in control." she informed me in her high pitched voice with her fingers playfully sliding across her bust line.
"Yeah look at that. They're so big aren't they? And you're so tiny. So so tiny." she continued.
"Think you could fit in between them now? Are you tiny enough?" she asked, pressing my body towards her as if to judge its size.
As she compared my body to them, I saw she very well could wrap them around me, although they would cover my entire torso, shoulders and thighs, my knees would be hanging out from the bottom and my head peaking out the top.
"Almost... but I could definitely squish you between them." she said, squeezing her breasts together right next to me as she said the word "squish."
My cock was now limp and flaccid between my legs, hanging just about to my knees. I stood up and walked away from Clarissa across the bed, she made no attempt to stop me. Rather, Clarissa's eyes were glued to my body, watching my every movement with excitement. I climbed off the foot of the bed and felt my feet hit the soft carpet as I began to explore her room, walking across the sea of carpet between her bed and the doorway, looking at all the huge furniture.
"Ohhh wow. You look SO cute walking around. He he." she giggled stupidly.
I looked up at her as she lay back on the couch, her breasts falling into her as they pointed up towards the ceiling, her knees pointing up into the air causing her skirt to fall into her crotch, exposing her full creamy thighs. Her stomach was so very flat and taught and I felt slight pangs of arousal already coursing through me as I looked at her perfect curves.
I explored her room, walking around, going into her bathroom and noticing how huge the tiles were beneath my feet. I stood in awe as I looked at how huge the toilet was with it's frilly pink seat cover. Come to think of it, I did have to take a leak, but judging my height to be around 1 and a half feet tall, I couldn't climb up. I walked over to the doorway and reluctantly spoke.
"Ummm. Clarissa?" I asked meekly. Clarissa's huge face turned from gazing up at the ceiling to look over at me from her position lying on her back on her huge bed, her lips forming a smile.
"I... Uh... Have to pee." I said pathetically, feeling like the most worthless little existence on the planet.
"Awwwwww, you need mommy to help you?" she asked in that high pitched voice.
"Mommy will help." she said coyly as she slowly slid off the bed and her huge legs began to strut towards me, causing the ground to shake and vibrate beneath me.
Her huge sexy body seemed to grow and grow before me as she approached. I stepped to the side of the doorway and allowed her to enter. I looked up at those huge tanned creamy thighs and underneath her skirt to see those black satin panties that were stretched tautly against her perfect round muscular bottom. Regretting my decision to sneak a peak, I felt myself stiffen further between my legs. My body began to tingle and my knees grew weak.
Clarissa bent at the waist and lifted the toilet seat effortlessly, her skirt lifting up and giving me a full view of her perfect ass underneath her skirt. I felt the blood rushing back into my dick as my knees gave and I fell to the floor, ashamed at myself.
"Mitch? Are you..." she turned and looked over at my helpless tiny body on the ground, with a hard on that stretched up to my upper chest, my limbs slightly squirming in attempt to move.
"Awwwwww, you poor thing. Is mommy making it hard? I didn't mean to. Let me help." she cooed.
I felt my stiff rod pulse as she leaned in towards me, scooping me up with her huge palm under my thighs, ass and lower back as her other hand took a pointer finger and tickled my chest, coddling me.
"Dooo Jooo Dooo. You're such a cute little guy, yes you are." she coddled.
I was speechless as my body was whisked around effortlessly through the air.
"Ok Mitch. Ready?"
"Y... Yes." I managed to gasp.
Then my head swam as the world was turned upside down, my throbbing erection pointed down into the bowl of the toilet as her hands grabbed my torso and legs, holding me above the toilet.
"Go ahead." she told me.
I had to take a leak so bad, but it was difficult with this huge she giant holding me in her grasp upside down. I concentrated and felt a bit trickle out and then stop.
"Ooohhh good boy. That's it, go ahead little guy." she encouraged me. Finally, I relaxed and my urine began to flow. I heard it falling into the toilet below as she did all the aiming for me. Soon I was empty and filled with relief as the world uprighted itself once again. Cassandra's face seemed as big as a billboard as it was held inches away from mine, coddling me.
"Good little boy. You know what we do to good little boys?" she asked in her high pitched tone.
I shook my head side to side as I sat in her giant soft palm, frightened to death with my erection beginning to wane.
I stared in horror as her tongue slipped out between her lips and licked all the way around her lips in a slow long circle as she eyed me hungrily. I didn't even have time to protest as her hand lifted me up towards her mouth, her warm plush lips wrapping around me lovingly.
"Uuuunnnnnnhhhhh!" I moaned as she mouthed me up and down for a while. Clarissa carried me around the room as she let my stiffness sit in her mouth, her tongue lapping at me ever so gently. She walked over to her dresser and I saw the world rushing past at seemingly lightning speed as I lay back against her huge palm, coursing with pleasure. I heard a couple clicks and a music box started, playing a sweet twangy him that resounded throughout the room, filling it with a loving atmosphere.
"Huurrrr Hurrrr Rurrrr." she hummed and mouthed aggressively, causing my dick to vibrate as she lapped and sucked at it. I came in no time, she just held me in her mouth as she carried me about, fishing out clothes and seeming to do chores with her free hand while she let me twitch and pulse in her warm wet mouth. I felt entirely drained. Finally, a minute or so after I had fully deflated, Clarissa set me on the couch as she began undressing.
I gawked at her outrageous curves as she unbuttoned and pealed off her shirt with her back to me. I ogled the huge wide bra-strap that wrapped around her back as she began undoing her skirt and let it drop to the floor to step out of it. My eyes felt like they were popping out of my sockets as I stared at her in that black underwear. She reached behind her and undid her bra, letting it drop to the floor. I could see the sides of her oversized bosom from behind her before she crossed her arms over them and turned around.
My breath was speedy and my chest was rising and falling rapidly as I looked up at this teenage sexpot that was topless with her arms covering her massive chest, which spilled all around. She took a step towards me and spoke.
"I've gotta take a shower Mitch, don't move a muscle." she commanded before turning around and bending over to pick up her clothes, releasing her hands from her breasts as she bent over and gave me a gut-wrenching display of her taut ass as it was thrust into the air with bent knees. I felt like my eyes were going to roll into the back of my skull as I attempted to catch a hint of nipple as her breasts heaved and wobbled as she bent back up. She held her clothes up to her chest as her hips and ass bobbed from side to side as she waltzed into the bathroom and shut the door behind her.
I collapsed back against the bed, my head still spinning from that display. I needed a breather to recover from that, thinking that I might never be able to shake those images from my mind for the rest of my lifetime. Needless to say I was entirely caught off guard when the bathroom door swung back open with Clarissa still holding her clothes to her chest. She let them go and they fell to the ground, fully exposing her huge massive naked chest for me to ogle.
"Actually, do you wanna join me?" she asked innocently.